Sunday, December 31, 2017

Goodbye "2017", and hello "2018"

"2017" is the slow burning dumpster fire of my life. Many loved ones passed away, new difficulties held me back from particular goals, and all the decisions I made in good faith all but withered and died before my eyes. I get that life is meant to be an adventure, and difficult at times, but I really feel overwhelmed by it all. It's a miracle I haven't lost my marbles yet. Or maybe I did, and I'm so far gone I've come full circle into some reasonable facsimile of a sane person. 

I'm welcoming "2018" with highly suspicious open arms. Not that there's much difference between this year and next year ultimately, but it's not to bookend a span of time to at least give the illusion of change. And with that illusion, maybe fresh new ideas can be forcefully pushed out of our minds and into reality. Fortune favors he bold, so maybe I have to take even scarier risks. Maybe I have to finally risk it all!!!

I'm not asking for much. I'm not even asking for stability. All I want for the new year is the hope for some luck to swing my way. A few more simoleons in my pocket, a job I'm happy to go to, and some peace I can carry in my heart. 

Happy New Year everyone, may we all receive a bit of luck from the Luck Plane, and return to the slack from which we came. Praise "Bob"!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Space X Conspiracy continues to provoke thought

So the Space X rocket was launched a few days ago and a few of the conspiracy groups I follow are still talking about it. It was a really beautiful launch, I had never seen anything like it until that moment. I watched it live via a Facebook feed. 

A day after the event, some folks started comparing the launch and it's unique shape and trail to UFO sightings from throughout history. This doesn't prove anything of course, but it does lead the mind to some fascinating and strange conclusions. Perhaps rocket technology is a lot older than we realize, and maybe, just maybe, there's more to these sightings than we've been led to believe. Just food for thought. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bigfoot (Yetinsyny)

I found myself researching all things related to the yeti as they are an important part of not only Cryptozoology, but of the SubGenius mythos, as well as being the figure head in The Holy Order of the Sasquatch. Saint Bigfoot supports all ideas and concepts behind the yeti and other cryptids I'm sure, so none can be truly wrong, but it's still fun reading and looking into all the defining ideas that surround this global idea of what a yeti could be. Really interesting and unorthodox theories abound, especially the Forbidden Science of Zermatism, which was formulated by the astounding artist and fringe researcher Stanislav Szukalski

I grew up believing in yeti, then the Conspiracy convinced me that they didn't exist, but now I'm once again a believer. I'm not sure how, or where, but yeti must exist somewhere in the world. One of my favorite fringe theories is that the yeti are an interdimensional tribal society, which is made popular by the folks over at Sasquatch People. The idea of peaceful yeti folk just phasing in and out of our reality is both really sweet and downright idiotic, and I adore it. If I remember correctly this might also be the case in the Happy Science religion of Japan. The folks over at Happy Science also believe that yeti might be a type of reptilian, but I'm not sure about that one. Reptiles aren't normally known for their fur. 

But what do I believe; if I'm honest I'm not sure. If pure yeti are still trotting the world, hiding from us, then I guess they must find us pretty repugnant. I can't say I blame them for thinking that. Maybe they migrated into the caves that lead into the Hollow Earth, where they live in paradise while we toil away, working our whole lives for a whole lot of nothing. 

 Szukalski believed the yeti were the greatest monsters in the world, and through their kin, caused an immeasurable amount of damage through war. In recent years his concepts were replaced by the reptilian conspiracies that run amok online in chat-rooms and forums. Maybe because reptilians already look somewhat sinister when compared to a yeti? Who knows. It might just be a subconscious connection to the snake in the Garden of Eden as being the source for evil, blah blah blah. 

Below are some fun images I found on Pinterest. I'm not sure if I prefer a peaceful yeti or a monstrous one, but I'm sure all kinds of yeti types are possible.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Check out : Sleepless Knights Podcast - 001 Not a Star Wars Pilot

The infallible Mr. Lobo, as well as his cohort Paul Sanders, have launched a pilot episode for the Sleepless Knights Podcast. Do you like rambling conversations, controversial opinions, not wearing pants, and skillfully avoiding conversations about "Star Wars"? Then this is the podcast for you!

This pilot episode was pretty interesting because it may well be the first time I've heard Mr. Lobo speak as himself and not as a host, so we got a peak of some of his more candid feelings, as well as some behind-the-scenes thoughts on upcoming projects, and what we could expect on OSI74. I can also appreciate Paul Sander's ambitions of never wearing pants again -- I too have been on that same quest for most of my life. Curse this stupid society and the social contracts that force pants upon us as though we were slaves! DOWN WITH THOSE TROUSER-WEARING-TYRANTS!

I really enjoy listening to podcasts. Because of my busy schedule, I don't have much time to watch anything anymore, so it'd be nice to have one more to add to my weekly rotation. Personally, I'd like the Sleepless Knight Podcast to be a full hour, but it all depends on Mr. Lobo's and Paul Sanders schedule, and topics. 

Will this podcast be green-lit into a new series for the new year?! Only time will tell!

Monday, December 25, 2017



I hope all folks who take the time to look at this humble blog will have a joyous and hedonistic Xmas. May Santa, or Xanta, bring all thing things you desire, and destroy all of your enemies in the process. 

My apologies for the shortness of this post, but the holiday has me kind of busy. Seriously, have a good one, go out and obtain it some way. Just don't get caught!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

From my Clench, to yours, have a happy Xmas and whatever else you like

It's finally Xmas time, or if you subscribe to the SubGenius faith it's Xistlessnessmess, and it's time to wonder why the hell the aliens haven't made their presence known, but also to spend time with the people that we love the most, or at the very least, aggravate us the least. 

David Liebe Hart released a wonderful new album on Bandcamp for the occasion even. This season really keeps on giving. 

Enjoy your holiday, whatever the hell it might be. Praise "Bob", Hail Eris and Connie, and St. Bigfoot the All-Seeing, and more importantly (for this one day anyway), also Praise Santa!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The new animated Godzilla is freaking HUGE

The new animated Godzilla movie looks fun, but holy shit isn't his design a little out of control? He's the size of an island! Look how he just dwarfs all other previous Godzilla's! I feel it might be too much.

I'll probably give it a shot eventually, after it comes out of course, but I'm not expecting too much of it. I think I prefer my Godzilla live-action. I've loved most of the previously animated versions of Godzilla, the Hannah-Barbera series and the Godzilla '98 series especially were really fun, but nothing beats a Godzilla feature done in amazing "Suitmation". 

One day I will have to speak about my unconditional love for Godzilla '98. I'm just about Zilla's only fan, and I think that's just fine. An underappreciated monster design failed by his own script. I do enjoy his recurring role as a joke in other Godzilla media tho. It's just nice seeing him appear from time-to-time.

Netflix Godzilla Trailer

Friday, December 22, 2017

I'm turning into such an old, grumpy nerd so it's time to cheer up with obscure movies!

I've been watching a lot of high-concept 1980's retro-futuristic special effects films lately. All of them deal with family dynamics, dystopian futures, some sort of radiation, and more importantly a monster or two. They're all different even if they touch upon some of the same themes. 

I've been watching these flicks because I'm building a Movie List page of recommended movies that should be watched, in my opinion, by anyone who decides to waste time reading this blog. There's a particular aesthetic feel to these movies that I feel best represents my overall personality. And beyond that, and more importantly, these movies are fun and should be appreciated. 

Although I do enjoy and bask in the current movie landscape and how it caters to old nerds like and my friends, I can't help but feel like a lot of the stuff being marketed in pop culture sort of ruins the fun of pop culture itself. My knee jerk reaction to all this attention the stuff I love is getting is burying myself in more obscure stuff that I love, but that hardly anyone has taken notice to (yet). 

It's strange how we're in a world now where the things I used to get picked on for enjoying are now so popular and marketed that it all feels somewhat tiresome and even exploitative. I mean it's junk food culture, don't get me wrong, but the rampant consumerism around it is like piranhas swarming around a bovine. 

I dunno, maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but doesn't it feel weird that everything that's big and popular now in the mainstream is what was popular in the substream thirty years ago? It's amazing seeing all these Marvel and DC movies being made, some of which have really deep cuts in terms of characters and story elements, but where's the creativity? 

I'm sure I'm missing out on the new classics as we speak. I still haven't seen "Pacific Rim" (or even The Asylum version "Atlantic Rim"), or the recent soon to be cult hit "The Shape of Water", but that may be because I'm somewhat tired of giant budgeted movies. In some cases I feel like I should just be watching a cartoon because there's so much CGI on screen. 

I miss small, modestly budgeted films, where creators made amazing work out of necessity. I also miss modestly-lengthed films. I'm not sure how many more 3hr epics I can sit through. Is it too much to ask that a summer blockbuster clock in around 1hr and 25min? 

Anyway, I don't mean to ramble, here's what I've been watching lately;

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Time to play with shit!

Poopeez is a new line of collectible figurines in the same vein as "Trash Pack"/"Grossery Gang" (though not from the name company) and I am already in love with them. Series 1  isn't out just yet, but I am waiting with bated breath to collect the entire series. There's even an online cartoon to accompany this toy line. It's like the 1980's all over again!

I honest to "Bob" cannot wait to waste every dime and penny I have to collect these gross and stupid little things.

Television Commerial

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My reflection on "Christmas in Tattertown" (1988)

I'm almost 100% certain that "Christmas in Tattertown" takes place in  the same doodle world as "Cool World". I wonder if there's been a hidden shared-universe within the Bakshi animated movies that I haven't noticed as of yet. Ah well, whatever.

"Christmas in Tattertown" is a nearly forgotten annual Nickelodeon event from the late-80's and 90's. I have a vague memory of catching it on CBS Kids as part of their lineup of cartoons, but I might be confusing this special with "The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse". The story concerns a girl from the real world named Debbie who is sucked into a portal through a book into the land of Tattertown, a run down junk filled place where all lost items end up. Apparently this was supposed to be a pilot for a television series, but it was warped into a Xmas special instead. It's a shame too because I would have adored this if it was a series. 

Sherry Lynn as Debbie is my favorite, her voice just music for me. I mean it's no surprise, she was also the voice of Sasami Jurai in the "Tenchi! Muyo" series. And Jennifer Darling as Muffet the Merciless is inspired. I had no idea the voice of Irma from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" could pull off a voice like this; I couldn't even recognize her. 

What falls flat for this story however is how no lesson is learned. Not really anyway. All the junk people of Tattertown learn some sort of meaning for Xmas, but Debbie is still trying to force Muffet to be her dolly again, where Muffet just wants her freedom (and to take over Tattertown). Because this special was a vague pilot for a would-be series, there's no resolution. 

In  the beginning where Muffet realizes that she is alive and proclaims "I'm not just a dolly, I'm my own dolly!" is actually kind of moving. 

I don't think it's any surprise that despite the flaws and what feels like a rushed production, I really like this special. There was a lot of potential with these characters and I'm sad they never had a chance to really shine. Apparently Ralph Bakshi still owns the rights to this, so maybe we can hope for an official release or reboot of this. I kind of feel like the youth of today needs the grittiness of a Bakshi cartoon now more than ever. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

My reflection on "Basket Case 3: The Progeny"

The "Basket Case" trilogy has got to be one of the strangest and unexpected trilogies of all time. The original "Basket Case" is a moody, strange and surreal horror thriller, and truly original. The subsequent "Basket Case 2" and "Basket Case 3" are basically re-imaginings of the original with a lighter tone and almost cartoon-like in presentation; lots of bright shots, very few nighttime shots, etc., and that doesn't include the contribution to the tone that Granny Ruth's congregation of "Unique Individuals" bring to the movie.

The Unique Individuals are human beings who were persecuted, tortured, and treated poorly all because they look odd. They're portrayed as loving and generally sweet people in these sequels, even though they help Granny Ruth with often illegal activities. And for the most part, the make-up and costume designs for the Unique Individual's are great. Having them around Belial, who is a little murder-ball with arms and fangs is really funny. Belial may very well be the angriest character in any film in history. 

So this third installment in the trilogy is about Belial becoming a father as his girlfriend Eve gives birth to a bakers dozen of babies (who all look identical to him). After some nosy local cops go to investigate the house where Belial and his brother are staying, they kill Eve and kidnap his kin. 

Belial is maybe at his most violent in this movie, and it's great. We don't know much about him as a character, since he speaks in just grunts, but after seeing Eve dead we actually see him take action. Belial is all about revenge, ever since the original "Basket Case" so this film isn't thematically different at all in that sense, but ultimately I'm not sure if he even cares about his offspring, or just about the death of Eve. 

I think I may actually care more for his kids than he does now that I think about it. I remember being shocked when one of his children is accidentally killed, and Belial's brother Duane witnesses it, but neither brother seems to really care. Granny Ruth, the leader of the Unique Individuals sees the babies remains and barely reacts. 

Between the two sequels, I think I prefer this one; it's just so over the top. So many big reactions, and cartoon-like violence. And I love the ending, how Unique Individuals will no longer remain in the shadows and have decided to invade normal society.

I would've maybe liked one more film in this series that ends with a more Duane and Belial focused ending, but the promise of the end of normal society is a high note in itself.

Monday, December 18, 2017

I should be working on my finals, but I wanna talk about "New Zoo Revue" instead...

So yesterday while I was ruminating about the thesis for my final paper in my Ancient Philosophy course, I was notified about a recent post over at the Zontar of Venus blog. This post was about one of my favorite childhood shows, "The New Zoo Revue". This show was your basic'70's kid show with songs, dance, scary puppets, and likable characters. The show was on when I was very young (in reruns), and returned again the mid to late '90's when I was in high school on WLNY-55. My first year of high school was so difficult for me I ended up cutting school for about a month (because seriously, fuck high school) so I stayed at home while my mom was at work and watched MTV, played video games, and watched "New Zoo Revue". Needless to say, I learned more my first year of high school from this kids show than I ever did while in class. I have no regrets. 

At some point, "New Zoo Revue" became infamous for a "blooper reel" that was found and made public of the characters cursing at each other.

And I guess there's some lasting appeal because it seems there was an attempt to reboot this series in some fashion, but like the recent "Banana Splits" reboot, I feel like "New Zoo Revue" is better left in the decade where it was first created.

It may not be as beloved as "The Muppets", but I think "New Zoo Revue" is still well regarded by those who remember it. A simple show for a simpler time. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I ate brains, blood, and other assorted innards and meats

So to continue the Xmas season celebration, a bunch of friends and I went to a Chinese "hot pot buffet" in Flushing, Queens. It was pretty spectacular. Somehow the guys sat a separate table from the girls, and so our table was nothing but meat while the girls had fish and veggies. 

The meats then. Well, the variety of meats offered was seemingly endless and all my favorites were available. I think I ate two whole brains, boiled to perfection in the herbal broth I ordered. The blood was delicious as well, and the tripe as always was spectacular. 

I was concerned about my blood pressure so I made sure to drink a gallon of water during the meal, and as soon as I got home I consumed a fist full of aspirin. I woke up feeling fine thank goodness. 

Another part of our gathering was a White Elephant gift exchange, which was pretty funny. I ended up with the DVD/Blu-Ray of the shit storm of "The Last Airbender" (2010). Without question this is the worst film in my collection, and I almost exclusively collect terrible films. This is also one of the few Blu-Rays I actually own. Odds are I'll never watch this unless I need it for reference or something. What garbage. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Better than any X-mas tree you'll find.

I came home to a wondrous surprise yesterday; my girlfriend (who is a Pastafarian reverend) has made a X-mas themed edifice of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I was pretty impressed by her ingenuity. To show some solidarity between us and our faiths, I added her newly made masterpiece to my miniature Slack altar. 

It really is starting to feel like the Holiday season.