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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Did you know there was a make of "The Giant Gila Monster"? I sure didn't!

So I thought I'd focus my first post here on something I watched just a few days ago. So I love the original film, "The Giant Gila Monster". It's a short and cheesy flick usually paired up with "The Killer Shrews" as a double-feature. Both are loads of fun, and have their place in b-movie history because of their silly premise and memorable monsters. "The Killer Shrews" recently received an official sequel, "The Return of the Killer Shrews", which stars some of the original cast, but "The Giant Gila Monster" received a remake of sorts. Now I don't know if this is an official remake of any kind since this new film doesn't have much of the same plot as the original (as far as I can remember, I haven't seen the original in about a decade), but it does take place during the same time period and does it's best to reflect that with a swingin' soundtrack and a whole host of fancy old timey cars. 

I found this film by surprise while looking through the catalog on Amazon Prime for something to watch. I was skeptical but I'm really happy I gave it a shot; this film has a great deal of sincerity to it. They're not trying to make a modern b-movie, they were trying to capture the spirit of how films like this were made back when the original Gila monster was made. The cast gives a good performance, the setting is quite beautiful, and the costumes and effects aren't half bad either. 

Gila himself is a computer generated creature rather than a live Gila monster like in the original. I dig his simple design, and I think they use him quite effectively in this film. In the original the monster is barely seen, but in this remake he appears every few minutes. I don't think he's scary in the least, but I don't think he's supposed to be. This movie is just fun, and I it's almost like a "family horror film". If you have kids this would be a nice movie to watch with them during Halloween. It has a wholesome sort of feel to it. 

There's ultimately nothing too spectacular about "Gila!"; it's just fine. A harmless film that pays respects to b-movies from the past and tries to recapture a specific nostalgic feeling of old monster flicks. Definitely worth a glance for old fans.

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