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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Currently reading "Hypnotism", by De Laurence, L. W. (Lauron William)

The concepts behind mesmerism and magnetic healing have always intrigued me. I do believe the mind has a great deal of potential to heal the body, and even influence others to do things they would normally not choose to do for themselves, but I wonder how much serious research has gone into actually attempting to map out the mind during the mesmeric process. I doubt any real research has occurred as most professional mesmerists are just stage magicians who know a few good card tricks and that's all. 

This book doesn't really help the case for mesmerism, at least not yet. It's a quick read if I'm honest; after 20 minutes of reading I was already 4 chapters in and I don't think I really learned anything new. Some of the techniques are described, but it still sounds like stage pageantry rather than a serious spiritual or metaphysical science. What it does sound like more than anything is how to find people who are easily susceptible to your "will" and how to non-verbally (or sometimes verbally) make them do the things you want. 

I'm not up the to the portion of the book about "magnetic healing" but if I find anything new or meaningful in those chapters I'll report on this book again. If not, well, at least it has a really cool cover. 

If you'd like to read it you can check it out here: 

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