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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Earthworm Jim's creator is a jerk but I still love Earthworm Jim...

Sadly, it's difficult to separate the art from the artist at times. The first video game I really became obsessed with growing up was "Earthworm Jim", and it was a surreal and adventurous game filled with beautiful graphics and amazing character designs. It's just a shame the designs were created by someone who has just a disheartening opinion on certain kinds of people. Ultimately, this isn't that big of a deal to me because I've always believed that people are allowed to believe in what they want, even if they are wrong. That's the essence of freedom I feel. But for me, it kinda stings because Jim was something of a childhood hero.

It's pretty weird, but it's something that has followed me my whole life. I've always been attracted to and navigated towards the weirdness of people. Earthworm Jim, both the game and character, embody a lot of the qualities I dig in people. A strange good hearted hero who might be off his nut but also has the best of intentions. 

I love Jim, and the world he exists in, but if new Earthworm Jim stuff comes out I'm not sure if I can support it. I may have to draw the line somewhere and not compromise. I'd be a hypocrite otherwise. 

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