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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Flesh Eaters from Outer Space" is an outstanding masterpiece alien monster carnage!

I really enjoyed the movie "Flesh Eaters from Outer Space" much more than I thought I would. Despite the obvious low-budget I still feel like it holds up. The monster, who I guess is the Flesh Eater from outer space, is a multi-nostrilled beast and resembles the Xenomorph from "Alien" crossed with a pickle. A really fun and amazing design, which is why I guess the Flesh Eater reappears in the sequel "Invasion for Flesh and Blood". 

The gore is top notch stuff. They really didn't hold back. There is plenty of space left between the gore that might be a bit boring for some viewers I guess, but I found it all rather interesting since it dealt with secret government agencies and psychic phenomena. The Flesh Eater scenes are the main event though, and he never disappoints. 

The acting is what you'd expect it to be; competent but over the top. I feel as though a great number of the actors involved really did their best to overact as much as possible just so they could have even more fun with this production. The backdrop of suburban New Jersey is humorous to me for some strange reason. I can't place my finger on it, but I guess it just adds to the charm of this movie knowing it was filmed in such a rural area. 

I'm really looking forward to watching the sequel, "Invasion for Flesh and Blood". Both films were directed and written by Warren F. Disbrow. He also provided the DVD release of both films with commentary and some behind the scenes footage. Definitely worth checking out if you love this sort of grindhouse gore and guerrilla filmmaking style.

Watch the "Flesh Eaters from Outer Space" below via the official Troma YouTube page!! 

Watch the trailer for "Invasion for Flesh and Blood" via Warren F. Disbrows official YouTube page!!

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