Friday, August 11, 2017

Ghastlies and Chubbies!!!

I never believed in love at first sight until seeing this trailer. I'm absolutely down for this. It's been far too long since we've had a "killer tiny monster movie". I dig that they're trying to go for that sort of look, and the aesthetics of the movie are also really cool. Like if this was produced and distributed by a bigger studio you just know there would be toys and dolls of these creatures. 

Now as excited as I am for "Ghastlies", it did remind me of another movie that was coming up that had a similar theme to it. 

So a while back there was a teaser and a trailer released for a film to be distributed by Troma called "Chubbies". This movie looked like fun, and similar to "Ghastlies" and "Hobgoblins 2", is a throw back to the little monster movies of the 1990's that were inspired by "Gremlins". Now "Chubbies" was released on TromaNOW and Amazon Prime, and other formats, but now there seems to be no trace of it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Chubbies looking like actual Boglin toys from the 1980's. I feel like the Chubbies we see in the movie would actually be made from a Boglin mold rather than actual Boglin puppets because the original Boglins are now collectors items and are expensive. It would certainly be cheaper to just make your own. Like taking one original Boglin, making a plaster mold of it, and creating dozens of disposable replicas that you can just modify as much as you want; but that's just my idea. 

You don't really see the Chubbies themselves in this trailer but the other one I saw on YouTube doesn't seem to exist there anymore. If you'd like to see the one I'm talking about go check it out at Horror News by clicking here. I've also created this amazing side-by-side comparison photo. 

So I've searched and searched, and aside from a few reviews I can't seem to find any trace of "Chubbies" or any information of Troma ever released it on DVD. It was definitely on streaming though, and there was at least a plan to release it on DVD because there's still a Troma style poster of it that I was able to find on the official Troma website. 

So who knows. I'm still hoping for some sort of release of this movie. It definitely looks like a hoot, and the reviews I've seen for it are fairly positive, so why not right? Hopefully this has nothing to do with any legal issues. I'd really like to see this movie someday.

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