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Friday, August 25, 2017

I found a POX Online Strategy Guide from 2002!

God bless old Angelfire websites. Even when they're long abandoned, they're still there if you look for them. I was able to advance pretty quickly and understand the game play for my POX system a bit more thanks to Kinam's POX Strategy Pages. Kinam's pages had a lot of useful maps and some descriptions so I was able to adapt pretty well to the simple graphics. Many thanks Kinam, wherever you are. 

So I've been playing my POX LCD game for a while now (a combined 4 hours I guess) and I'm getting the hang of it. I was surprised to how complex the game play was. What POX is, essentially, is a dungeon crawler mixed with elements of an RPG like "Pokemon" or "Monster Rancher", but simplified. There are at least 17 arenas for dungeon crawling, which is nice variety for a small LCD game like this. 

I have a "Cycro" model POX player device, and I made my first monster from the 3 parts I had. I believe you either gain or unlock more monster parts as your progress in the game, and you can create up to 4 different monsters. My first monster is named "Fdoppp" because I am the least clever being to ever exist. Plus it was like 2 AM when I started playing with this thing. I even went out around 1:30 AM to get batteries! 

What I found most amusing was that POX was a virus-fighting themed game (the creatures being called "Infectors") that might be slightly inspired by Cthullhu and Lovecraftian monsters. It makes sense that the "alien creation" that the game box purports would lead to "universal destruction" when you imagine the Infectors as being like the Elder Gods. The idea that you, the player is creating Elder Gods to do your bidding is kind of an amazing concept, and I'm surprised we haven't seen it before or since this game came out. You can even see the similarities in the logo for POX and the Necronomicon sigil.

The Infectors don't really look like anything, except maybe mutated viruses. They're as indescribable as the Old Ones in the stories Lovecraft wrote. Even the visual aspects of the arena where you wander kind of resemble a horrid scifi temple. The "Body Regeneration Shop" looks like an "All Seeing Eye" pyramid. There are also portals, cryopods (filled with hidden treasures), and pylons that remind me of obelisks, 

The fighting system is called "WAD". I'm not sure if that's supposed to be crude or clever, but it stands for "With - At - Defend" ("With" meaning "Attack with", "At" meaning the focal point of the attack, and "Defend" meaning what part of to defend with). It's pretty clever, and as far as I can tell it doesn't  take much strategy. What is cool about it is how the selection for WAD resembles a DNA sequence, which sort of adds to the overall viral theme of the game. 

I'm not sure there's a overall goal or point to the game, except for excessive battling. I'm still hoping for some "universal destruction" but I kinda doubt that will occur. I am looking forward to exploring the various arenas and creating more Infectors. And I'm still debating if I want to hunt down the other POX handhelds to give to my friends so we can all battle together. 

But who knows, maybe with enough patience, and training, a true Great Old One will spawn from the depths of this LCD game, and true universal destruction will begin...

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