Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm still very fascinated with Lawsonomy

I haven't had much time recently to read more chapters from the book "Lawsonomy", but it's all still on my mind. 

I've studied and continue to study spiritual science and philosophy from various esoteric schools, so you'd think I'd be used to stuff like Lawsonomy, but it's so different. It's a lot less abstract and a lot more grounded in easier to understand concepts. I believe I read or heard somewhere that Commander Lawson himself didn't believe in the notion of "energy" as an etheric force, but rather, believed more in motion, compression, penetration, suction, and other concepts related to air. I can't say I'm surprised since he was a leader in his field of aeronautics. 

Here is the chapter I am currently mulling over on from the book, "Lawsonomy", by Alfred Lawson.

Lawsonomy Volume One


Life is action. If matter were stationary and did not move then there would be no physical manifestation of life.

Because of the difference in density throughout space one substance is enabled to penetrate another substance and that is movement.

There could be no movement without something to move so it is matter that moves. Space itself is immovable.

If all matter in space were equal in density there could be no penetration and consequently no movement.

So I say PENETRABILITY is the basic law of movement.

A piece of steel can penetrate water or air because it is of a different density but cannot penetrate another piece of steel of equal density.

When density is equal there can be no penetration.

Steel can penetrate heat and heat can penetrate steel because they are of different density.

In my book CREATION I wrote as follows:

Man, composed of different proportions and variety of substances than air or water, is of a different density than either of them.

Air being of lesser density than water, man penetrates air with less effort than he penetrates water.

Man cannot penetrate steel because steel is of a greater density than man, and its crevices are not large enough to permit the body of man to pass through.

Heat, which is of lesser density than steel, penetrates it in the same manner that water penetrates a metal sieve.

The difference in density of heat and water is so great that heat is able to pass through the minute crevices of solid steel whereas water is unable to do so.

Heat will also pass through the crevices of water, mix with it and form a combination known as vapor.

This combination of heat and water (vapor) then becomes a substance of different density than either heat or water.

Vapor is of greater density than heat and of lesser density than water.

From this one can understand why Penetrability is the basic law of movement, for without penetration nothing would move at all.

In Space without size, shape, inside or outside, there is no foundation whatsoever for anything to rest upon. So everything must keep moving forever.

There is no up or down in Space, no east or west, no latitude or longitude. There is no particular place or direction for the contents of Space to move to; still they must keep moving without ever reaching a final destination.

Mass in Space is continually falling toward volume and volume in Space is continually drawing mass toward it.

When mass falls toward volume it leaves behind a vacuum, or Space with lesser density, which causes other mass to fall toward it. For this reason all mass cannot fall in the same direction or place.

Space made vacant by falling mass must be filled with substances of greater density, and this process is Suction.

When substances of greater density fall toward space of lesser density the process is Pressure.

Suction and Pressure is the only force in Space. Each is dependent upon the other and nothing can move without their combined pull and push.

Suction is the female of movement and Pressure is the male of movement.

When substances of greater density fall, or are drawn toward Space of lesser density, a moving current is formed which moves everything of a movable nature in line with it.

Currents are of different density and proportions.

There are no limits to the largeness or smallness of currents and because of the difference in density they penetrate one another.

Currents of greater density are penetrated by currents of lesser density.

Currents of lesser density are penetrated by currents of greater density.

For instance, a current of water, which is of greater density than air, will penetrate air, or a current of light or a current of electricity, either of which is of lesser density than air, will also penetrate air.

The speed in movement of currents is regulated by the difference in density of the substance moving, the substance through which it moves and the power exerted by Suction and Pressure at the terminals of each current.

Currents are penetrated by currents at all angles and speeds. Thus, a current of water moving south and penetrating a current of air moving north could be penetrated by currents of light moving northwest and at an latitudinal angle downward of 45 degrees, more or less, while currents of heat can penetrate the water from below at an upward angle of 30 degrees more or less and in a southeasterly direction, as compared with the earth's surface.

In fact, currents can penetrate one another at innumerable angles and directions.

Each current follows its own course as caused by its own terminals of Suction and Pressure, although influenced and moved by other currents in Space of different density and proportions moving in many directions at the same time, as shown in the chapter on Zig-Zag-and-Swirl.

All currents have opposite terminals that is, points from whence they begin and points at which they end. Currents begin with Pressure and end with Suction.

Now, Penetrability does not only mean that currents of water penetrate air and that currents of heat penetrate water; but, it also means that currents of substances of lesser density and lesser proportions penetrate the particles of substances which compose water and air and heat, etc. It also means that the particles which compose heat or any other substances of lesser or greater density contain currents of still lesser density and proportions, and so on without limits.

A ray of light contains a number of particles and currents of different density and proportions, each of which is as important in its own sphere as the Earth or Solar System are important in their different spheres.

Penetrability also means that there are greater currents in Space than currents of heat, air or water, and that these currents are moving about everywhere in Space penetrating one another without limit.

There are cosmic currents without limit and these currents are caused and moved by the same forces that cause and move currents of air, currents of water; currents of light, currents of heat, or currents that move molecules, atoms, electrons and lesser particles.

No electron, no atom, no molecule, no earthly formation, no cosmic formation, or any other formation in Space, large or small, could move at all except by, or through the agency of currents caused by Suction and Pressure."

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