Thursday, August 31, 2017

I've been eating Balanced Food Calorie Mate Block

So since I started class I've been trying to find a way where I can feel full, get full nutrition, and not have to carry too much food with me everywhere I go. I hate carrying extra stuff with me, so I try to bring only what I need to school or work. I've been eating a lot of Grape Nuts cereal, plain yogurt with fruits, drinking bottles of Ensure, and eating PopTarts and belVita cookies. So far I feel nice and energized, and not super hungry... but I still get hungry. Maybe I just think better while I'm eating, who knows.

So I decided to start buying some Calorie Mate. They're little Japanese shortbread like cookies that come in a huge array of flavors. The boxes aren't so easy to understand, but I believe that the colors of the font are what give it away. Apparently the maple flavor is delicious, so it's always sold out at my local market. So the three flavors I bought were Vegetable, Cheese, and Chocolate. I've only had the Vegetable and the Cheese flavored ones this week, and they were both pretty good. They look pretty identical to each other, but they taste vastly different. 

Taste wise, the flavors aren't so intense. In fact, they're very subtle. The Cheese one for example isn't like the artificially flavored cheese snacks we have here in the US. It's not like a Goldfish Cracker or something like that. It's just a hint of cheese flavoring. 

But do they keep me full? Kind of. They definitely hold me over until I have a chance to eat. But maybe constant snacking is better for me than having 3 full meals a day. It definitely keeps me going through class just fine. 

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