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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Liberty City Anime Con 2017: Sunday! I took more pictures and bought something this time!!

So like all conventions, Sunday was pretty chill and laid back. Even less people were in attendance this day, making Saturday feel like a full house. Still, there was a bit of excitement in the air; everyone was trying their best to have as much fun as they could before the con was officially over. I found myself just talking to people who I hadn't seen in a long time, and exploring artist alley a bit more. I bought an amazing little comic from an amazing artist, and I met a very cool musician. I'll be doing write-ups on them within the next couple of days.

My entire body hurts from carrying bags and walking around all weekend. It was pretty stressful, but somehow also a bit fun. Anything different from your normal routine is fun I guess. 

Below are some of the pictures I took during the event. The first picture is me wearing my friends "Sans" mask.

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