Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mountain Championship Wrestling is rekindling my love for pro-wrestling

So I've grown out of touch with mainstream/WWE wrestling. Times change, and so does the product of a company. I enjoyed the very campy nature of the Rock n' Wrestling years, and the Jerry Springer Show-like nature of the Attitude era, and the WWF/WCW rivalry of that same time, but around the early 2000's I fell out of love with it all. I guess my tastes were changing, or maybe I wasn't capable o enjoying pro-wrestling as it should be. 

The Russian Yeti & Manager Anthony Pruett, "Tombstone"

Recently, while on Facebook I started to keep up with a small promotion named Mountain Championship Wrestling (MCW), which seems to be in partnership with Allied Independent Wrestling Federations (AIWF), and I found myself getting invested with what they had to offer. They remind of the family friendly era of wrestling from the late 1980's mixed with some of the grit you'd find in an old ECW show. That's not to say they're overtly hardcore or violent, but MCW has this old school charm that's both rustic and powerful. A good number of the wrestlers on the MCW roster are giants. I'm personally a fan of the Russian Yeti (I believe his finisher is the "Russian Hammer")

The Grand Moki

The next upcoming show will be on August 5th, and if you are in the area I recommend you attending. Being in NYC I have no choice but to keep up via Facebook, but if I could attend I'd be there in a heartbeat. As of right now, MCW doesn't have an official website or YouTube site, but they tell me they're currently working on both. 

All images used are from the official MCW Facebook page, which you can view by clicking here


  1. This is Anthony Pruett AKA Tombstone and manager of the Russian Yeti, also the founder of the Faction Of Chaos. I would like to thank you for writing about us and if you are ever in Pikeville,TN, or as I call it Pigville,TN. I would love for you to be an honorary member of the Faction Of Chaos. We are there, every Saturday night. Doors open at 6pm and bell time is 7pm central time. We are at 97 Tom Pope Rd, Pikeville,TN. Come watch our action pack card. You will not be disappointed!

  2. This is Anthony Pruett, AKA Tombstone, The manager of the Russian Yeti and the rest of the Faction of Chaos. I just want to thank you for writing about us and letting the world know about Mountain Championship Wrestling. If you are ever in Pikeville,TN or as I call it Pigville,TN, Come by on Saturday Night at 97 Tom Pope Rd. I will happily induct you as a honorary member of the Faction of Chaos.

    1. My absolute pleasure Tombstone, you guys are the best. Send my regards to Yeti. Being in NYC I don't know when I'll be in your part of the country, but I humbly accept your offer. May the Faction of Chaos reign supreme!