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Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Discovery of Lawsonomy

So like I mentioned in my previous post from earlier today, I study philosophy and religion. I have fun with some of the off-the-wall and bizarre stuff, like the "Church of Beaver Cleaver", or "Radiant Gadget Cult", but sometimes I stumble onto something that requires more thought and nuance that I initially didn't intend on. 

So earlier today I stumbled onto the Church of Lawsonomy, founded by former aviation engineer and baseball player Alfred Lawson. Lawson's contributions to the field of aeronautics were apparently innumerable, but he disagreed with the status quo of mainstream science and economics, and decided to create his own society where his concepts, philosophy, and economic ideas could flourish. This all eventually became a movement known as "Lawsonomy", and eventually the "University of Lawsonomy", and "Church of Lawsonomy".

Now I haven't actually seen it referred to as the "church" of Lawsonomy, but, it was a religion, and it had a lot of devotees during the 1930's. There was recently a documentary made about the last surviving member of this religion which I plan on watching when I have the chance to. 

Aside from all of that I know nothing about the core beliefs of the religion, or the philosophies they believed in. A curriculum of sorts is located on the Official Lawsonomy University Website if you are interested. There's plenty of material to read, including core books, novels, etc. Most images I used in this post are either from the official Lawsonomy website, or from the twitter account associated with the documentary on Lawsonomy

I plan on studying Lawson's work and trying to get a base for the religion he founded. I've added a link in the links section below for anything who would like to do the same. 

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