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Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Reflection on "Death Note" 2017

I really quite enjoyed Netflix's "Death Note". I know there are a lot of complaints about the casting, and weird notions of cultural appropriation, and whatever; but even given all of that I really enjoyed seeing re-imaginings of characters I'm already somewhat familiar with in a new setting, with new backgrounds. 

One thing I didn't like about the original versions of L and Light is how super perfect they were. Two world class unbeatable geniuses going at it. It's fun for sure, but seeing the same thing again would have been a drag I feel. In this new interpretation, bot L and Light have their shortcomings while still being incredibly smart. Light is moved by his reactionary nature, while L isn't above becoming more passionate. I liked it. Two smug teenage nerds trying to to prove their case.

Willem Dafoe as Ryuk was the best though. Even if you don't like the film itself you will definitely love all the Ryuk scenes. He's a lot more sinister and less juvenile than his Japanese counterpart in this, and he's always obscured by darkness. Usually the most dynamic part of him that you'll see are his orange glowing eyes. His design hasn't changed much, except he resembles Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin face in some shots. 

The character Mia is also quite interesting. I'm not sure if she's supposed to be a replacement for Misa as I remember there was another character who was a love interest to Light in the original, but I can't recall if they have the same name (and I'm too lazy to look it up). I though for a bit that Mia wasn't going to play as big of a role as he actually did, so that was a great surprise. She was hardly in the advertising for the movie, so her involvement was really something unexpected. The same goes for Light's father, who is a cop just trying to keep it together throughout the movie. 

I say give it a shot. If you like this original and you take offense to this then that's on you I feel. Everyone involved did their best in this movie and it shows. This isn't like "Dragon Ball Evolution"; there's actual depth in this film, and plenty of room for a sequel or two. Just remember, this isn't meant to replace the original in anyway, it's just a new interpretation. That's all. Just open your heart up to new versions of your favorite characters, and you'll be surprised how much you like it. 

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