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Sunday, August 20, 2017

RC Autobot Sqweeks... why is this so expensive?

I saw this really great RC toy of Sqweeks at K-Mart the other day. I'm kind of in love with it if I'm honest. The "Transformers" movies are all pretty difficult to sit through, but the last two were maybe my favorite. They were better than the previous films, they just had slightly better characters and I didn't end up with a headache after they were done.

Sqweeks literally only does one thing in the fifth movie, but he's adorable, so I love him. I'm pretty convinced he's supposed to be a "Gobots" reference to "Scoot", the Gobot who transforms into a moped.

I was shocked when I saw the price on this thing. There was no price on him, or on the shelf for him, so I took him to one of the price check scanners and it turned out he was like $90! But.. whhyyyyyy???

I can't imagine too many fans or kids really wanting an RC toy of Sqweeks. I think they're prefer Optimus or Bumblebee. I'm even more annoyed that I want to save up for it. It would look so good on a desk or shelf!

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