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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sigmund the Sea Monster is the cutest Cthulhu monster in existence!

Because I'm returning to college soon to finish my degree, Amazon offered me 6 months of free Amazon Prime. I've been watching some great stuff on it. I love the new "Thunderbirds Are Go!" animated series. It's really spectacular. But what really took me by surprise is the new iteration of "Sigmund the Sea Monster"! I love old Sid and Marty Krofft television shows. I even loved the Will Ferrell "Land of the Lost" movie. 

What really surprised me the most about this new Sigmund is how beautiful the sets and costumes are. The puppet-suit for Sigmund is a really high quality suit that allows maximum expression from the performer in the suit as well as the puppeteers who control the expression. The colors are really vibrant as well, on the suit and on the set. And most importantly, Sigmund is the most adorable sea monster in the world! This is definitely a kids show, so it's all about being friendly and defeating the bad guy, played by Dave Arquette. Sadly it's a short single episode, possibly a pilot, but I really hope they make more. 

I wonder if we'll ever get a new "Lidsville" series. Now that'd be something unexpected for sure.

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