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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Starting college again soon... I wonder if I'll be the oldest one in my classes!

So I'm starting college soon. Well, it's more like I'm finishing college finally. I'm pursuing a BA/MA in Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies. I already have my AA in Philosophy from a community college, and because I like to take my sweet time with my responsibilities I never ended up transferring like I was supposed to. I don't know, I've never felt rushed for these sorts of things but the older I get the more I want some sort of stability. Philosophy can take you to all sorts of careers if you're clever enough, but really both philosophy and religious studies are hobbies of mine that I'd like to get more involved in. I partially would like to start my own sort of online business that deals with both, but that sort of thing is tricky. Just updating this blog on a daily basis really takes time out of my day at times. 

Still, I can't say I'm not looking forward to it. Even if I do have to wake up at 6 AM four days a week just to be on time for class, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. I'm chosen four classes this semester: "Ancient Philosophy", "Modern Logic", "Plato and the Bible", and "Contemporary Philosophy". I'm particularly curious about the one about Plato and the Bible; I never thought there'd be a connection until now so I'm curious to what topics we'll discuss.

Below are some random pictures of a butterfly I chased around for like 15 minutes instead of going to the financial aid office. I eventually made it, but for a bit this was far more important. 

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