Saturday, August 26, 2017

"The Grossery Gang - Powered Up Putrid Pizza"!!!!

I've been a fan of Moose Toys ever since their "Wubber Wrestlers" from the early 2000's. Stuff like this just reminds of the joy of getting little toys from the 25-cent vending machines, or like the "M.U.S.C.L.E." figures. I'm still convinced that although sounds, likes, and action-moves are cool for toys, no one really ultimately cares for them if the toy itself has no personality. 

Moose Toys have SO MUCH personality. I was addicted to their "Trash Pack" line of collectibles, and now I'm back for "The Grossery Gang". Still the same little disgusting rubber toys, but now with a slightly improved paint job.

But what happens when the Gang is being threatened by some unsavory soap or cleaners? Why, they have to get powered up of course! Now imbued by the sacred and mystical "Power Putrid", the same cute little gross creatures become giant powerful battlers for all things gross and rotten!

These new action figures are just the most beautiful things produced since the "Food Fighters" toys from 20 years back. They're not exactly in scale with my "Killer Tomatoes" or "Toxic Crusaders", but they're close enough. 

All the powered up Gang members have they're own weapons and pretty decent articulation. I love that their weapons have a little spot where they can hold other toys in the line, including the "pre-powered up" version of themselves that come as an accessory. 

I'll definitely be buying the entire line the first chance I get. Below are some pictures of Putrid Pizza with some of his pals. 

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