Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The strange and powerful "GOOD LUCK RESEARCH PROJECT"!

I have a huge fascination with mail-to-order mystical items and esoteric knowledge. The kind of stuff you would see in comic book ads way back in the day. This is something that came to my attention somewhat recently. I actually took it upon myself to fix up the image, make it larger and more visible for the benefit of mankind! BEHOLD! The "Good Luck Research Project" has found an amazing esoteric and sacred symbol to empower your lives!

THE LADY LUCK SYMBOL! A 500-year-old symbol found printed on a ceramic bowl in Central America! Well that's at least what the ad says. I bet back in the day you could purchase this symbol on an amulet or key-chain or something like that, but since we no longer live in the 1980's, we only have this image to keep by our hearts. Please feel free to print out the image below and keep it in your wallets. Maybe Lady Luck will smile upon you like she has so many hundreds! (According to the ad that is!)

What a laugh, but who knows really. Maybe this goofy looking symbol will give luck to someone who needs it most.

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