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Monday, September 11, 2017

AOL themed toys!?

So earlier today I decided to take a walk to a local thrift shop and I saw some real treasures. I didn't have any cash on me so I couldn't pick them up, but I might go back for them when I have some time. 

The first one is a Looney Tunes-Daffy Duck "Instant Messaging Buddy", a "Talking Internet Brilliant Toy from 2002. It looks complete! I don't really want it, per say, but how weird. An AOL exclusive Looney Tunes toy. That must be some kind of rarity. And from the early 2000's even, when AOL was already in the process of dying out. What a novelty. 

I also found a painting dated from 1995 that portrays Bart Simpson and a girl who seems to be a variation on Reverend Lovejoy's daughter who appeared in one episode. That's just a guess though, I can hardly remember. It's sort of so ugly that it's kind of beautiful again. 

I love finding strange old treasures like these. One day I will own a museum to this sort of garbage. 

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