Saturday, September 16, 2017

"Choco Treasure" Surprise Toys!

Kinder Eggs are an iconic item for children and toy collectors. Usually it's pretty good quality chocolate, with a nice little toy within it. In the 1990's we had "Wonder Balls" which was roughly the same thing, but some kid somewhere choked on a toy and then that line was discontinued. I hear they're trying to make a comeback though, just without the toy prize inside of it (but then what's the point?).

Now though, a new challenger has entered the fight! Welcome "Choco Treasure"! For only $1.50 you can get chocolate and a toy. Is it worth it? Very sort of if you're leniant in what constitutes a "toy". These are not of the same quality as a Kinder toy at all, but they have a certain thrifty charm to them I think. Unavoidably cheap considering how inexpensive t he whole package is. I think that a Kinder Egg goes for like $3 or $4 depending where you purchase them. 

The chocolate is alright. It's inoffensive enough and could make for a nice treat. Mine came pre-shattered so I had to pick some crumbs off of the floor. The box and foil wrapping were nice and colorful so I could spot them a mile away at the checkout counter at my local 7-11. But my generic emoji figure left much to be desired. I was hoping for one of the emojis with arms, or the poop one, but I got one of the monkey's. The plastic is a bit flimsy and it's definitely hollow, but it's cute enough I guess. 

Now funny enough, our boys over at Choco Treasure managed to get the license for Moose "Shopkins", and they're not what you'd expect. I expected the little rubber ones that Moose normally produces, but instead we got three Choco Treasure designed Shopkins. At first we thought they were magnets because their backs were all flat, but no, these were meant to be the surprise toys. And what a surprise they were! I doubt any Shopkins fan would expect these. Same quality plastic as the emoji, a bit thin and cheap, but again they're cute enough to like. What's weird though is that they're all in this strange pinkish-reddish plastic. That color works for the strawberry Shopkin, and even the watering can Shopkin, but the bottle of honey Shopkin just looks.... odd. 

But going back to the original point of these is that they're meant to be an inexpensive little treat for kids. I happen to like them, and if I ever see anymore I'll probably pick them up. 

For more information on Choco Treasure, check out their website:

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