Friday, September 22, 2017

Doomsday Eve 2017

So according to some numerologists the mysterious Planet X, also known as Nibiru, is going to swing by the earth causing two asteroids to smash into it. This would of course be the end of civilization as we know it. I hope this means that the aliens that inhabit Planet X will swing by and tell us whats up if they're really up there. 

We go through a doomsday scare at least a few times a year, and normally it's attached to some author trying to sell some scare propaganda or books using peoples fears. I just like to enjoy the media frenzy of it all, but I really do wish they'd come up with some new material. It's always an asteroid or something. Whatever happened to that awesome three-headed-dragon from Revelations? I wanna see that thing!

There was also a broadcast interruption on Californian television with a mysterious message warning us all that the government is hiding the truth about Area 51 and what's really going on there. Big surprise. I don't know, I feel as though if a massive asteroid or another planet was going to swing by our world we'd probably see a trace of it by now. But maybe I'm just an idiot. 

In any case, below are some videos you can watch to fully prepare  yourself for the end times. 

I'm already worn out by all of this. I feel like this is a song playing on loop. Either stop talking about doomsday, or just end it all already. Let me know so I can plan accordingly.

And as always, remember, "the world ends tomorrow and you might die", so you might as well get right with "Bob"!

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