Saturday, September 23, 2017

DOOMSDAY UPDATE 2017: nothing happened again

Another doomsday arrives and hits the ground with a plop. No giant monsters, asteroids, alien invasions, or returning messiahs. What a gyp. Not a darn thing.

One of the other things I heard was CERN was going to activate their doomsday weapon and release satanic demons from Hell itself to come after us all. That didn't occur either. Or maybe it did and all those gosh darn demons are invisible. 

Some folks even tried to convince me that this is all a set up by aliens to trick us into believing the world didn't end, but it did, and now as we lay helpless they've entered our minds and are currently experimenting on us, sapping us of our chakra energy to fuel their saucers. This is my favorite fringe theory. It's really cinematic and reminds me of "The Matrix".

But supposedly, the source for all this baloney is now backtracking on his initial prediction saying that today, the 23rd, is the beginning of the TRIBULATION and that the next date we should be paying attention to is October 5th when Nibiru will finally be visible to us all. 

When there's money to be made there'll always be a doomsday. That's the only thing for certain. 

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