Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I happen to love Trolls

When I was a kid, Trolls were a big deal. Before Tamagachi and Beanie Babies, these are what I collected. I used to have a huge collection of them, but sadly they were either given away or lost to time.

Below is what remains of my collection. Two Battle Trolls (Frankentroll and Cyclops Troll), one Burger King Glow in the Dark "I.Q." Troll, and two Dam trolls. I have a few more here and there, just not out for display.

I really do love these dumb things. They have such personality, and a really iconic look. If you drew just a silhouette of one it would be easily identifiable. I love Trolls so much I even watched the recent CGI film "Trolls" and really enjoyed it. Hell, I even watched the Asylum version called "Trollz" and still rather enjoyed it. 

Trolls just make me happy.


  1. I am happy to see this.. I hope you find lots more.. I collect trolls for the same reason..They make me smile! mc

    1. Yes me too. I wish I wasn't so careless with the ones I had as a child though. I had the cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones, and a few other kinds too. My aunt had a huge collection with some of the big ones but had to sell them at one point.