Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Modern Human Comprehension Course"; I wonder if I have what it takes to be a "modern human"...

I recently discovered a treasure trove of new information, at least for me, and that's the work of Alfred Glaser and his "Modern Humans" comprehension course series. It exists as four volumes, and they're quite the read. Actually I'm a little surprised that I can't make heads or tails of them, at least just yet. I'm read so much of this stuff that I thought I've read every variation on this sort of philosophy but from time to time it's nice to find a surprise. 

My personal time is limited, so I don't know much energy I can put towards this, but I guess I'm not in a rush either. I wonder if I can award myself the title of "Modern Human Mentor" when I read all four volumes since Mr. Glaser has passed on. 

I have all four volumes as a single PDF, as well as other books and pamphlets he's written. I may upload them to Archive.org so they can be more accessible to others who are interested. I'm not sure yet though. 

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