Saturday, September 16, 2017

More trolls!!!... and ponies?!

I found some more of my trolls and some bootleg and original official MLP figures too. The pink and green MLP dolls you see below are apparently said to be the ugliest of the original line, and I saved these two from a MLP customizer who wanted to chop them up and re-purpose their parts for a custom MLP. I have mixed feelings about that sort of thing, but I usually think it's pretty cool. Still, I had to save these two. I pitied them. 

The other ponies you see below are bootlegs and piggy-backers of the original MLP line. I believe the white one is a "Cabbage Patch Kids" pony. 

Franken Troll is one of my all time favorite figures. I have my original on display, but I decided to buy a second one to keep on card. I love how the warning on the package gives specific instructions to keep him in a miserable condition so he can be strong and ready to fight. Reminds me of the rules for Gizmo from the "Gremlins" movie. 

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