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Sunday, September 10, 2017

My thoughts and reflection on "Annabelle Creation"

I really like the "Conjuring" movies, and even though the original Annabelle film was kind of a dud, this one was absolutely fantastic. A really interesting and beautifully put together piece of horror. Annabelle's origins weren't as hokey as I thought they'd be, and although we already got hints of what her true form is in "Annabelle" (2014), "Annabelle Creation" shows us exactly how she came to be and how powerful she really is. 

This film doesn't discount the original Annabelle movie either, as it connects to it in a really smart way I thought. 

There weren't a lot of cheap scares like in other horror movies either. There's a sinister and slow pace to how this movie flows with lots of lingering shots of the Annabelle doll. 

The "Conjuring Universe" has really come a long way, hasn't it? What's this like the 6th entry in this franchise? I wonder what they have planned next. I know there's an "Annabelle 2" in the works already, but with all the scary stuff they could do based on the Warren's adventures it'd be a shame to just leave it squarely on Annabelle's shoulders. 

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