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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New books! "The Astronomicon Minorum" and "Instant Memory"!

Some books I ordered finally came in today; the "Astronomicon Minorem" from the First United Church of Cthulhu, and "Instant Memory: The Automatic Memory System" by the Institute of Advanced Thinking. I've wanted both for a while and when I saw the opportunity to order them on Amazon I jumped at the chance. 

The Astronomicon is the first holy unholy book put together officially by the First United Church of Cthulhu, and it is quite beautiful. Rather light in text, but from what I read so far it's solid with the information it provides. A great deal of thought was definitely put into the imagery and presentation of the words within, which is great because a lot of Lovecraftian lore is quite horrid and abstract so I think some imagery might help some readers get accustomed to the material.

"Instant Memory" from the Institute of Advanced Thinking is a booklet filled to bursting with definitions and techniques on how to improve memory. I've been prone to forgetting important information quite often and I've always looked for something to help me with retention. Maybe I'll finally find the proper technique in this text. 

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