Friday, September 1, 2017

Random Toy Post: STATIONARY BOT!

With unimaginable power comes.... STATIONARY BOT! God, I love this thing. It's so wonderfully doofy but also somehow kind of noble. It's a toy, of sorts, that is also a series of utensils that can help you with your homework I guess. 

The mighty sword he holds is actually a letter opener! I'd never use it for that of course, this figure is about 30 years old. I'd imagine the plastic would just snap. Also, his chest cavity is a pencil sharpener. 

If you rotate his head you will reveal an eraser, and if you roll it even further back you can evacuate the pencil shavings from his torso via a small gaping hole beneath where the eraser is located. 

Both of his feet are pens! Although the ink has long since dried out. Very sad.

Stationary Bot is possibly the most charismatic writing utensil I will ever own and also never use. There is something about his presence on my desk that just fills me with a sense of hope as he stands there, watching over my homework like a stalwart knight.  

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