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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weird art returns to LIC

In the past ten years I've seen the gentrification of Long Island City really take hold, and sadly too many long established artists were pushed out in the same of "progress". It's not all bad if I'm honest, but the beautiful bohemian aesthetic of LIC seems to be long gone. Thankfully a bunch of weirdo artists have moved into to a location and have started creating beautiful grotesque art to piss off the mundane suits who work in the area, and I for one am happy for their contributions of culture into the recent staled landscape that was once LIC. 

On my way home from work recently I saw this wonderful monstrosity just sitting on a bench near the train station. No one was certain if it was empty or if it was going to start moving around. Even I felt a bit nervous around it; and I loved that feeling. It was a real visceral reaction. To both enjoy and be afraid of it is what made it art. 

I look forward to seeing more from these beautiful weirdos. 

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