Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Sadly, I have to work until very late. No trick-or-treating for me. I won't even have time to watch a horror movie as per my usual tradition. Halloween is a day meant for monsters and horror movies, and sadly I won't have much time for either. I was brought up on horror movies. In fact, a great deal of my personality was molded by horror movie hosts and the time around this, the most holy of days. For me, the saints of this holiday are Rhonda Shear, Joe Bob Briggs, and Count Floyd. They really influenced me a lot more than I ever truly gave them credit for. I still can't believe they took this picture (below). Most of my Halloween tastes were deeply impacted by these three amazing hosts.

Halloween really is a day that should spent at home watching horror movies until dark, then going out with friends. It's a real shame I can't go anywhere today. School and work are really compromisng my free time.

Still, that doesn't mean I won't celebrate in my own way. The late Reverend Joe Riley, a member of the Church of the SubGenius, was the innovative creator of the now legendary show, "The Hypnotic Eye". Episode four of this great show was entirely composed of horror movie trailers. So, if you have nothing else to watch, please indulge in this, a classic holiday classic. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Another amazing David Liebe Hart music video: "You Are What You Eat"

I have to say, whoever edited this music video really outdid themselves. It's absolutely beautiful, and as always, David Liebe Hart's lyrics are as always so catchy. Really and truly excellent. This might be the best music video yet. 

"The Savage Girl" (1932)

I have a DVD box set called "Sons of Kong" which showcases a bunch of killer-gorilla movies that were made sometime after the original "King Kong" (1933). Funny enough, "The Savage Girl" apparently premiered a year before Kong did and plays more like a Tarzan story than anything. Rochelle Hudson plays the titular Savage Girl, or "White Jungle Goddess" as she is refereed to in the movie. She protects the jungle animals from poachers and the locals revere her greatly. She also doesn't seem to be able to speak any language. 

The Savage Girl (SG) is strong and feisty, but also easily captured. This leads to a really uncomfortable seen where a drunk man tries to molest her while she sleeps, but she fights back and help arrives before the scene can go any further. 

After the molester is kicked out of the expedition (they're looking to capture animals for a private zoo for a rich drunk New Yorker; which is how they found SG) we finally get a good look of SG next to some of the other cast and she is very short. Compared to the hero of this story (Walter Byron), SG resembles a doll! I

A very silly side story concerns the rich New Yorker, Stitch, his assistant Oscar (a black man from Harlem who is for some reason now stuck in Africa and hopes Stitch will bring him back home), and a taxi cab driver (and his cab) that Stitch decided to bring along. They're out to see whether or not elephants are afraid of mice, so, they bring a little white mouse with them to hunt with. It's a joke the starts at the very beginning of the film and is mentioned a few times before it's resolved. I was actually kind of impressed they stuck with it. 

The molester from before strikes a deal with the people of the local tribe to capture the hero so he can have SG all to himself (gross). There's a big rescue involving Stitch's crew, a fight between the molester and Walter Byron's character, but none of that was needed. While she was being molested, again, SG screeched and her chimpanzee friend alerted a gorilla to come save her; the gorilla simply reaches through the window and grabs the molester... and we never know what happens to him.

There is no real plot to this movie; the initial plot was abandoned as soon as SG released the animals that were captured and the rest of the plot revolved around either the mouse-elephant hunt and the events of the finale. I had a lot of fun though; the characters in this flick were really colorful. Not bad for a movie that's only an hour long. But like a lot of films from this time, it just sort of led to a non-ending. The girl and the hero kiss, the end.

Also I feel I should mention I now have a huge crush on Rochelle Hudson now and I plan on watching all of he films. 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Misery is boredom

I'm beginning to remember why I disliked college. It's definitely not for everyone, but I think I'm in too deep to stop now. I am reconsidering my overall education. My dreams of going for an MA or PhD are slowly dissipating. My toil now is an existential one; what's my next step? Who am I? What am I meant to do? 

Simply, I want to do what I like without consequence, but I regrettably don't have the money for that sort of lifestyle. If I could only find that one niche that allowed me the freedom to emerge from my current state into a new paradigm I think I could finally be satisfied; but what's the key? What's the one thing I can do that will allow me to blossom into some sort of savant? It really can't be so cryptic that it should remain hidden for all of my life. 

I suppose I have to restructure my thoughts (again) and find some other hidden meaning in my mind and life that I'm ignoring or overlooking. A big part of me feels like I should return to the arts and get back into drawing and painting, but how many times have I promised myself that?

My studies are progressing I suppose, but maybe I'm not studying something that truly drives me anymore. I love my major, but maybe I've chosen the wrong minor? Maybe I have to try something new to feel a sort of refreshment? I'm not sure really. 

All I want to do is watch horror movies and eat junk food, but sadly I don't think I will have that sort of luxury for many months to come. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

I may have too much pomade in my hair and not enough money in my bank account

The quest for ultimate wisdom and mastery of esoteric knowledge is too goddamn expensive. Books, seminars, lectures, videos, trinkets, amulets, incense, oils, etc. It's all really fun, but as far as hobbies are concerned, this might be too high-end for me at times. I buy all my books second hand, and even then it feels like not enough. I want to build a gigantic library to my studies someday, but I'm not even sure I can afford to buy lunch this week.

There are free resources online for sure, but even then they often only give you enough to catch your interest and you have to work twice as hard to get to the real good stuff. And sometimes, all that will get you is a lesson like "it's all within" or something vague like that. You could find yourself digging through bottomless pits of paperwork, archived essays, and some of the oldest texts in public databases for research and still end up with nothing truly significant. We want secret hidden knowledge so we can feel like we're special; it's all pretty ego driven now that I think about it. 

It just sort of humbles you. The quest for knowledge I mean. If the quest ever ends we're just slightly smarter than before. If there is an eternal truth, it might be a fruitless effort to try and even consider finding the infinite answer while we're stuck in a finite state. Like a fish trying to prove the ocean exists. And maybe that's the point. A lot of us who believe in the eternal know and can feel that it must be so, but we can't find a way to prove it. We construct all sorts of fancy sentences and theorems that comfort our thoughts, but if we really believe why do we have the need to search for more knowledge to prove to others what we believe? 

The truth might not be what we expect, that's for sure, but what if the real truth to it all is far more bizarre than we could ever imagine, and that's why we  can't view it. To gaze upon the face of true knowledge and of God would only drive us further away from it... 

Sci​-​Fientology by Psychlops

I stumbled across this album last night on Bandcamp and I was a little annoyed that I couldn't find a way to add it to my albums list collection. But I was happy when I realized it was a free download, so now I currently have it on my computer, and eventually I will add it to my phone. "Sci-Fientology" is really beautifully meditative and relaxing. Even my turtles seem to really dig the soothing and weird music created by the artist, Psychlops. 

I still really wish I could add it to my collection... 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Awesome Little Green Men blind box toy: Private Recoil

This is something that is usually out of my scope, but I decided to give it a try. Awesome Little Green Men are just little cartoon army looking characters with punny names that come with dog-tags. They're cute enough I suppose, but I don't think I'll be collecting any more of these. I am pretty happy with the one I got though; Private Recoil is stuck in a permanent recoil pose which is pretty funny (but it makes it difficult for me to take his picture).

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A wondrous minutia of slack

It was a particularly difficult week but somehow I made it through mostly unscathed. I'm a little behind in my studies, my work, and my personal care but I think I can manage at this point. Looking back on it, I think I had a lot more slack than I gave myself credit for; I found luck in unexpected places and moments, and although things are a bit difficult I know that something good will happen eventually to wash away all the anxieties that are piling up in my heart. 

I think it's time for some rest. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stretch Armstrong is back for a terribly designed new cartoon

Well the designs for the characters is alright I guess, but their costumes are just hideous. I really dislike everything about their aesthetics. I'm not going to complain too much though, since this probably means we'll be getting a bunch new Stretch Armstrong toys as a result. I've even heard they're releasing a lot of the original toys as part of a anniversary celebration.

The original Stretch was just a square-jawed hero type. He looks like a classic movie hero scientist. He just needs a lab coat and a pipe. 

Stretch Monster is often associated with Stretch Armstrong. I have a feeling he might even be the villain in the new cartoon.

I grew up with this Stretch Armstrong. The giant smile and cartoon like features make him a lot more dopey looking than the original Stretch. The 90's Stretch looks like a well meaning idiot. 

Vac-Man was the coolest. Unlike the other corn syrup powered stretch toys, Vac-Man's bean and vacuum powered abilities allowed gave him the distinct ability to hold a pose and stretch. A friend of mine had this toy and it drove me mad because I wanted one too. 

And there were all kinds of Stretch Armstrong accessories, vehicles, and even a dog named Fetch. I remember having a normal Stretch Armstrong, and a little one that was dressed like a ninja. It even came with weapons it couldn't hold at all. 

God I hope they re-release Vac-Man again. 

The noise of this so called reality

I'm beginning to become somewhat frustrated with the monotony of life. I'm not sure if things are too chaotic or too caged up, but I'm becoming concerned with my own quality of life. I have a million worries that I try to ignore so I can "keep pushing that boulder" everyday until I can reach a point where I can at last feel comfortable and relaxed with life, but I'm not sure  that will ever really be the case. 

I'm questing for pure slack, and occasionally I receive glimmers of it as if the universe itself is trying to either encourage me or bait me to continue on. The current societal climate really have be spooked as well as we trudge ever forward in this "safe space" culture. And that's really it I guess; all wars are culture wars. Rich versus poor, ethnicity versus ethnicity, religion versus religion. Whatever I guess; nothing like a good war to make us all feel like heroes, right? 

We're all questing for wisdom to unlock some sort of deep inner secret, but we're all looking for the key to these inner secrets from external sources. Even if you're an atheist you've replaced religious philosophy with maybe a scientific one, or a political one, or a moral one; in any case, these are all reactionary philosophies based on external constructs. We're tormenting ourselves with an immeasurable amount of date that we can't even begin to properly quantify in a way that is constructive. We just like  to pretend we all have it under control, or hope that maybe someone else does. We succumb to the drudge because it feels safe. 

I still believe though that a big part of self-mastery is understanding time and how we spend it. When we realize time within our current form is a finite experience, we begin to understand our real selves just a bit more. Maybe even learn to love ourselves. That'd be a nice change of pace. We're all conned into living out the dreams of other people, putting them on pedestals so they can feel important and special, when really... why do we care? Do you think they care about each an every person who supports them? That's too idealistic. 

What was I talking about? Or right, frustration. What I think I'm actually frustrated with is having to passively become a cog in the machine of society. Relinquishing control of my own time to external forces in hopes that I can one day enjoy a bit of stable false slack and enjoying the fleeting moments of true slack as they spontaneously appear in my existence. Is true slack, peace, comfort, and joy possible? If it is, it's not something you can work for. 

In the end I'm back at the bottom of the mountain, having to push that boulder up again. I know this won't last forever but I hope the end comes sooner than not. I'm growing weary of this noise that people have tried to convince me is reality. Maybe one day I'll construct my own and see if I can do any better.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The simple infinite joy of a cheap Halloween mask

I really wanted a Frankenstein or Devil mask, but the ones I found were too small for my big dumb head. Thankfully I found this nice "Dracula" mask for the same price. I found these masks at my local CVS and they are really going all out with the Halloween stuff this year. Nicely priced good quality novelties.
I literally typed this while wearing this mask. No regrets.

Monday, October 23, 2017


"The Mysterious Mr. Wong" is a comedy laced conspiracy film about a man named Fu Wong who is after the Twelve Coins of Confucius so he can become the emperor of a province in China. Basically, anyone who owns all twelve coins could become the emperor, and sure enough they've all made their way to Chinatown. A journalist is investigating the murders around Chinatown and is trying to figure out how they connect to the coins. 

Everything in this film is really over the top. It's basically a live action comic strip with exaggerated characters. I actually really loved it. My only issue was the sound quality made it difficult to discern a lot of the old timey dialogue.

Bela Lugosi as Fu Wong is pretty good, all things considered, but he played the role too straight and menacing. And he does have one great memorable scene at the very end of the movie to make up for it though. It's just weird seeing all these bright and vibrant characters bouncing around while Fu Wong is just portrayed as a powerful villain. I wish they made more movies with this specific cast, but this was sadly the only film with Fu Wong in it. There was another series starring a completely different Mr. Wong, but he was a detective and not a villain. I also wish they did more with the lore of the coins, but I guess I'll have to seek out the original story for that. 

I may have to seek out this movie and see if there's a remastered version with better sound quality because a lot of the humor comes from the dialogue between characters so I can't help but feel like I've missed a hefty chunk of jokes. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tulpamancy and the power of your ethereal imaginary friends

Now I'll be painting with broad strokes here as this is a new concept to me, but I'm too excited about it not to talk about it today. Tulpa are, as far as I know, a Tibetan Buddhist concept where you either create within your mind or make a connection with your mind some subversive or metaphysical being or entity through meditation. This concept was apparently appropriated by creative internet users who use it to create or decipher abstract concepts in their own thoughts into living sentient characters that inhabit their mind. These new Tulpa believers aren't necessarily Buddhists or even spiritual as far as I know, but they do believe that they can create Tulpa within their own minds.

And this subculture of Tulpa believers goes even further than my very broad understanding of it, and I can't even say I'm sure I'm correct. I'm sure I'm missing some subtle understanding of this. And I should point out that this is different from "other-kin"; with other-kin, the person is identifying themselves as something else other than who they are (animal, fictional character, etc.), with Tulpa the person is saying there is a separate entity within their mind that has it's own sentience. 

I find this sort of thing really fascinating and I want to know more about it. The regeneration of old spiritual culture into modern digital culture isn't anything new either, but how this could help people who have a Dissociative Identity Disorder, or some similar mental abnormality, cope or even possibly control their consciousnesses better could be a fascinating study. I also wonder how this could help with the creative minds in artists; various painters and philosophers have talked about seeking guidance from within or some unseen and unknowable power, so maybe this sort of concept is close to understanding that mindset. 

As you can tell I'm really excited about this new subculture. Below are some 

Articles and Threads:





Useful Links:



Saturday, October 21, 2017


As we discover the increasingly uncanny and frankly terrifying truth about the Universe we live in, we have a choice.

1) To ignore it and embrace the petty concerns of politics, "religion," and the Jerry Springer Show. This is what will bring on the New Dark Age that HPL was talking about--and boy, did he know it!

2) To start cults of inhuman, hideous, and genocidal Outer Gods that will exemplify our worst fears, and will kill us all--IF WE ARE LUCKY! This is the 'Insanity Clause" that we try not to believe in--Ho! Ho! Ho!

3) Find a model of rationality that can look as the Cosmic Weirdness and learn from with without going Stark Raving Buggo. Fortunately for us all, such a Model exists, and is none other than DANA SCULLY, SCIENTIST!

Yes, The First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist, is the School of Arcane Cosmicism, not as morbid as, say, the Church of S______ W______, or the Brotherhood of the B_____ P______ (Names redacted for legal reasons). We are your One True Source for Cosmic Despair, Shredded Sanity, and Redheads! JOIN TODAY--who knows when The Stars Will Be Right???

For more information please check out:

- From the desk of the most esteemed Reverend Saint J.R. "Jeff" Sommer, Pontifex Maximus of the First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist & Reverend Guimo, Sacerdos Sculliae, and Member of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment of the First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist

Happy Halloween and Merry Doomsday!

"All the evidence tells us that the end of the world and the end of time will be on October 31. On the day which Jesus returns there will be a polar reversal. Isaiah 24:20 says the earth will crack and shatter and split open. The Earth will stagger like a drunk, sway like a hut in a storm. The Earth is weighed down by its sins. It will collapse and never rise again."
David Meade must be making good amounts of money off of his prophecies because he's now saying the end of the world will be on Halloween! So be on the look out, that man or woman dressed like Jesus Christ on Halloween MIGHT ACTUALLY BE HIM! And woe onto ye if thou doesn'th give him candies on Halloween! Woe!

To be fair though, that Halloween date has only appeared on the Express UK news website, with no verifiable links for their information. I'm just sharing this because of my complete annoyance of David Meade.

But still... what if.....!?

Toys and Cereal

So after depositing my hard earned money into my poor starving account I decided to treat myself to a new pair of headphones that I was desperately needing... then I ended up buying a shit ton of toys and also a pair of headphones. I'm an adult, I swear. 

I didn't buy this though, even if I was really tempted. Apparently Thomas the tank engine is fighting Cthulhu now. Look at this amazing play set and  the "battle damage" Thomas it comes with. I wasn't really into "Thomas & Friends" as a kid, but I did watch "Shining Time Station". I feel a little gypped. 

I'm a huge fan of the small rubber toys from Moose, and I got a few more "Grossery Gang" toys for my collection. I'm a big fan of the dopey faced chair and the rubber duck with poop on its head. 

So I admittedly have too many Funko "Pop!" figures but... I think I'm finally done. I don't say that with much confidence, but I feel now that I have my Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot "Pop!" figures I can honestly say I have a void in my heart that's been filled. I can't stop staring at them; they're just perfect. I've been waiting decades for figures of these guys.

I also nabbed a Funko "Mystery Mini" of Frogger, and I have to say it's a huge joy having this guy too. It's like the perfect Frogger figure. It's emulating the art from the side of the arcade cabinet. I love this original game, even if I'm terrible of it, but I'm a huge fan of the PS2 era games even if they're far from perfect.

And Lastly, my girlfriend surprised me by buying me all three Halloween themed General Mill cereals. What a joy. I'm still a little burned that these are seasonal now rather than an all year choice, but it does make them a little more special. In any case, I can't wait to eat these as midnight snacks.