Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Mr. Edward D. Wood, Jr.; HAPPY WOODMAS EVERYONE!

It's funny how Ed Wood would never know how influential he'd become. He's without question one of my favorite filmmakers with "Night of the Ghouls" being my favorite Ed Wood movie. It's a shame his life was cut short due to addiction, but he legacy continues on, and his passion for movies will always spread to any film-nut and monsterkid who ever thought about making a motion picture of their own. 

I sometimes wonder what kind of movies he'd make if he lived on. Oh well, we can always dream. 

At before I forget to mention that the official podcast of the Church of Ed Wood, The Pope on Film, celebrate and promote Ed Wood's birthday as the holy day of "Woodmas". So, Happy Woodmas everyone! Please use this time to watch a terrible but fun film, or one of Ed Wood's movies. 

You can also fine the immortal classic "Plan 9 from Outer Space" on YouTube. Ed Wood's mighty opus and prophecy to behold of things yet to come. 

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