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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Sadly, I have to work until very late. No trick-or-treating for me. I won't even have time to watch a horror movie as per my usual tradition. Halloween is a day meant for monsters and horror movies, and sadly I won't have much time for either. I was brought up on horror movies. In fact, a great deal of my personality was molded by horror movie hosts and the time around this, the most holy of days. For me, the saints of this holiday are Rhonda Shear, Joe Bob Briggs, and Count Floyd. They really influenced me a lot more than I ever truly gave them credit for. I still can't believe they took this picture (below). Most of my Halloween tastes were deeply impacted by these three amazing hosts.

Halloween really is a day that should spent at home watching horror movies until dark, then going out with friends. It's a real shame I can't go anywhere today. School and work are really compromisng my free time.

Still, that doesn't mean I won't celebrate in my own way. The late Reverend Joe Riley, a member of the Church of the SubGenius, was the innovative creator of the now legendary show, "The Hypnotic Eye". Episode four of this great show was entirely composed of horror movie trailers. So, if you have nothing else to watch, please indulge in this, a classic holiday classic. 

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