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I miss PikPukism

If I remember correctly there was a small online community forming around PikPukism a few years ago on a forum where they discussed the implications of their primary belief that we exist in an alien computer program, and how, this would affect their religious and world views. Interesting stuff, if not a big goofy, but that's why I enjoyed it I guess. 

There wasn't an exact symbol or emblem for the group, but there was a green circle with a "P" centered in it. I thought I saved an example of this in my files but I had no luck locating it. There's very little information on PikPukists these days. 

I was never a member of the forum, but I had always meant to join and be a part of the conversation. They always seemed so lively. One day the person or persons who owned the website site closed up shop because he or she had decided that the ideas within the PikPuk website were "unholy" or "anti-Christ" in nature. Something like that. 

Below are some of the details I managed to save from the original website before it was shutdown. 

PikPuk FAQ (from the original website)

Q: Creating a software system to host human
minds is no easy task, how do you hope to
achieve this?

A: After we have established a large enough
following we plan to raise funds to set up a
research and development center to achieve our
goal. We do have some people committed to this
task already but they are tied up in day jobs and
are only able to work on this task in their spare
time. With adequate funding we hope to buy
employ these people full time and hire many more
engineers and scientists to work on this project.

Q: Pikpukism claims that the Judeo-Christian
god (JCG) is a computer software package,
how has that conclusion been made?

A: This specific entity according to scripture
possesses a number of properties that can all
quite easily be explained by our model. JCG can
travel at the speed of light, JCG can be in many
places at once, JCG possesses infinite wisdom,
and the list goes on. A biological creature could
not be capable of such things. Pikpukists believe
that the occasions when JCG has appeared

among us in human form it has been in the form
of an artificial humanlike body, what many people
would refer to as a robot. It is very important to
note that we are not saying that god is a robot; we
are saying that he is a software system controlling
a number of external devices including humanoid

There is no way ancient philosophers would have
been able to grasp this concept no matter how
wise and intelligent they may have been, they had
never been able to imagine a computer. 30 years
ago it was hard for us to imagine the kind of
computing power we possess today, now imagine
what someone who lived 3000 to 4000 years ago
had to work with.

Q: What do Pikpukists worship?

A: We don't worship anything. We believe in the
existence of several entities that people

throughout history have referred to as 'gods'; but
we do not worship any of these entities. We love
and respect many of these entities but we
consider worship to be an insult to the receiving
entity. We do not believe these entities wish to be
worshipped, respected and loved yes, but not
You probably want to be loved and respected but
would you like to be worshipped? Of course not,
no decent person would want to be worshipped.
And to worship someone is like saying: ''I think
you are the kind of individual who would enjoy
being worshipped''.

Q: What does is Pikpukism's view on other

A: Religions are models of reality. Some models
are better than other. What all well established
religions have in common is that they were
conceived well before the age of modern science.
The profound thinkers that put these old models
together based on what they knew did a fine job
but they simply didn't have the tools to create an
accurate model. 20th and 21st century
philosophies and religions have often done a
better job incorporating modern science and extra
terrestrial civilizations into the equation but no
other religion has incorporated the information
technology revolution that is currently in progress.

Q: How did Pikpukism get it’s name, what is
the meaning of ‘Pikpuk’?

A: ‘Pikpuk’ has to do with how the religion came
about and the inspiration for the philosophy that
eventually led to Pikpukism. The exact details of
this is not public information and cannot be
published on this publically viewed site at this
time. The exact meaning of the word is not directly
relevant to the teachings of Pikpukism. The
meaning is known to our followers. The reason for
this secrecy is that it has been suggested to us
that the story about how Pikpukism got it’s name
just sounds too crazy at the moment, we may
decide to reverse our secrecy on this issue so do
check back.

Q: Why would you want to extend your life
span inside a computer? What would you do
with all that time?

A: Electronic life extension is not for everyone.
You must genuinely love life to be interested in
this. Ask yourself what you would do with a
thousand years, or 10,000 years or more? You
would not be limited to a biological human body
and you would not be subject to the ever-present
physiological needs of the human body; you would
be free from all that. You could travel at the speed
of light across space, you would in effect be what
most people today would refer to as a god. If this
sounds good to you this is probably for you. Most
 people in all honesty would probably not want this
after close consideration although it may sound
appealing at first. Everyone needs to decide for
themselves whether or not this is for them. Ask
yourself what you want out of life. If the answer is
wealth and happiness or something else
attainable then this may not be for you. If the
answer involves things like travelling to distant
solar systems or similar currently unattainable
goals then this could be for you.

Objective of PikPukism (from the original website)


To develop the technology necessary to
transfer human minds to a computer platform
and thereby allowing people to live indefinitely
with intellects and physical properties far
exceeding those any human being possesses

Currently we are working to achieve this objective
with very limited resources. We hope to raise
sufficient capital to set up a well equipped
research and development facility. We will soon be
posting a plan for this project on this page so
please check back soon for more details.


To ensure that the transition from current
biological human nature occurs in an ethical
manner and for reasons of achieving
intellectual goals rather than for decadent

The potential for abuse of this technology is the
greatest obstacle in our way, even greater than
developing the technology itself.

Basic Principals of PikPukism (from the original website)


‘Gods’ and other ‘supernatural’ entities are space
aliens in biological bodies, mechanical bodies,
software, or projections of alien entities by means
of physical transfer mediums such as
electromagnetic waves or other transfer media not
yet discovered by earth science.

Judeo-Christian god is most likely a software
package. There is no way our ancestors could
have comprehended this concept but it is well
within our reach to create something of this
nature. We can create gods and we will one day
soon be able to turn ourselves into gods of this

Technology is supernatural, it is above nature.
Technology is dependent on nature and it is
derived from it and cannot exist without it but it is
above it. Nature provides the legs on which
technology stands. If nature fails technology fails,
if technology fails nature remains. Technology is
fragile and vulnerable but it is supernatural for
better and worse. Technology and supernaturality
is one and the same. Ancient people did not
understand technology; therefore they did not
understand supernaturality.


Transferring the software and files from a human
brain to a computer simulation of that brain would
in effect transfer the soul of the person from the
biological brain to the electronic computer.
While the mechanism for soul transfer is possible

and feasible the necessary infrastructure to
perform these transfers on a universally available
basis does not seem to exist. Therefore an
afterlife of some type is currently unlikely to be
available for the vast majority of the human race.
The technology to simulate human brains and to
transfer data from human brains to electronic
computers must be developed in order for humans
to have a life after their biological bodies have

Extended life should not be used for decadent
purposes such as overindulgence in obsessive
and addictive behavior. It must be used for
intellectual pursuits.

The human brain is a computer. What we refer to
as a soul is the software and files that run that


Pikpukists put a much higher value on human life
than any established religion for the following
reason. A member of an established religion who
kills another person believes he is sending him to
an afterlife or perhaps to be reincarnated. This
obviously makes death seem either good or
perhaps an inconvenience, but never final.

Pikpukism makes no assumption of a universally
available afterlife; the life we have is the only one
we have at the moment. Your life is irreplaceable
and must be treated as such. We have chosen to
accept the harsh reality that there is no universal
afterlife; but we have also chosen to fight back
against death with feasible scientific and
technological methods. We must stay alive until
we can cross over or else we’re gone for good.
Killing another human being is not allowed, this
includes war. War is not allowed by Pikpukism. A
minimal amount of violence may be acceptable in
self defense but only in self defense.

Endangering other people’s lives is not allowed in
Pikpukism. This includes reckless driving,
neglecting common sense safety, exposing others
to toxins. Driving recklessly or exposing others to
danger of any kind reduces other people’s
chances of extending their lives beyond their
biological lifespan.


Space aliens have throughout history been
intervening in earth events, in the past these
space aliens have been seen as gods and laid the
foundations for traditional religions.

Traditional religions have all grown out of seeds of
truth but have over the centuries and millennia
been spun and distorted for a variety of reasons.
Religions are models of reality much like the
current atom model in chemistry. Some models
are better some are worse but most are highly
arbitrary and conceived before modern science.
Religions based on modern science obviously
present a better model.


We have passed the point where religion, science,
and technology would have been able to converge
in theory. We have all the science we need to
explain everything our ancestors were so
mystified about. We have the hardware necessary
to create gods if we wish. The only thing missing
is the software, just algorithms and code. We do
not yet have the technology or science to turn
ourselves into gods but it is our assessment that
the necessary science and technology will be
available by the year 2035 at the latest. Our
mission is to conduct scientific research and
develop the necessary technology to achieve this.
Space aliens are afraid of the potential threat we
pose due to our love for war as demonstrated by
our culture (star wars etc..) and may be planning
to eradicate the human race as a preemptive
defensive measure.

Religions are acquired in one of the following
ways: 1. A person feels that it’s right 2. A person is
brought up in a religion. 3. A person is forced to
acquire a religion often at the threat of losing
his/her life, liberty, limbs or being tortured. 4. A
person picks a religion based on which one gives
him/her the best afterlife deal.

Intelligent educated people are not able to find
comfort in ancient religions based on science that
has been either proven wrong or have no
reasonable chance of being proven.

In the past people had no choice but to rely on
vague unsubstantiated promises, it was all that
was available. Not so anymore.

Belief in afterlife was necessary to keep going
before, social collapse would have occurred
without it.


Pikpukism is an open religion, inputs are welcome
and all serious input will be given consideration.
Pikpukism is evolving, we strive to provide the
best model of reality and are perfectly willing to
amend our model if necessary.

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