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Saturday, October 21, 2017


As we discover the increasingly uncanny and frankly terrifying truth about the Universe we live in, we have a choice.

1) To ignore it and embrace the petty concerns of politics, "religion," and the Jerry Springer Show. This is what will bring on the New Dark Age that HPL was talking about--and boy, did he know it!

2) To start cults of inhuman, hideous, and genocidal Outer Gods that will exemplify our worst fears, and will kill us all--IF WE ARE LUCKY! This is the 'Insanity Clause" that we try not to believe in--Ho! Ho! Ho!

3) Find a model of rationality that can look as the Cosmic Weirdness and learn from with without going Stark Raving Buggo. Fortunately for us all, such a Model exists, and is none other than DANA SCULLY, SCIENTIST!

Yes, The First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist, is the School of Arcane Cosmicism, not as morbid as, say, the Church of S______ W______, or the Brotherhood of the B_____ P______ (Names redacted for legal reasons). We are your One True Source for Cosmic Despair, Shredded Sanity, and Redheads! JOIN TODAY--who knows when The Stars Will Be Right???

For more information please check out:

- From the desk of the most esteemed Reverend Saint J.R. "Jeff" Sommer, Pontifex Maximus of the First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist & Reverend Guimo, Sacerdos Sculliae, and Member of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment of the First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist

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