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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jollibee is "Chicken Joy" and also probably what will kill me in the future

My girlfriend is from the Philippines and she introduced me to a fast food restaurant called Jollibee, which is the Filippino equivalent to a Popeye's Chicken I guess.  

After the adventure at that pumpkin farm yesterday, we decided we were too tired to cook dinner so we stopped by Jollibee for more junk food. Rather than chicken, I got the "Ultimate Burger Steak" meal which comes with rice, egg, burger, mushrooms, fries, and fried garlic. It might be my new favorite fast food meal.  So long Big Mac!

Also, I purchased a kids meal for the toy. I was hoping for a figure of Mr. Jollibee himself, but I got one of his friends, Popo, who has french fries for hair. 

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