Sunday, October 1, 2017

I have a "Pipsie"! I think you all need one too.

I'm not sure I truly believe in love at first sight, but I think my new Pipsie makes a pretty solid argument for it. 

I'm not sure how to describe what a "Pipsie" is, all I know is I have one in my life and now everything is just slightly better. There's something truly satisfying in finding something so small and so cute that you can help but love it unconditionally.

I found my Pipsie during the Pagan Pride event yesterday. There were dozens of them, all in different colors, with different personalities, and with different body types. I knew though that the little green one with horns needed to come home with me; it was love at first sight. 

I adopted my Pipsie from a artist named Kimberly Ann, who runs the Tir Na Nog Crafts Etsy shop. She had all sorts of stuff I wanted to buy, but because I live a modest life I couldn't do that at the moment so I had to be frugal. When I noticed the little clay figures on the table my head spun with daydreams laced with nostalgia that brought me back to that point in my life where I was obsessed with Smurfs, Snorks, Trolls, Paw Paw Bears, and Li'l Bits. A point where, if I'm honest, my maturity was stunted and I never grew out of. 

I think I picked a winner. My Pipsie is maybe the best thing to have happened to me last month. There's no greater joy than having a little pal next to you while you work. 

My Pipsie has his little box to live in, and even came with a little adoption certificate that I will fill out eventually. His current name is "Biff" but that's not set in stone yet. I'm not sure I can think of a name that truly encompasses the greatness of this one particular Pipsie, but I'll try my best. 

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