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Monday, October 23, 2017


"The Mysterious Mr. Wong" is a comedy laced conspiracy film about a man named Fu Wong who is after the Twelve Coins of Confucius so he can become the emperor of a province in China. Basically, anyone who owns all twelve coins could become the emperor, and sure enough they've all made their way to Chinatown. A journalist is investigating the murders around Chinatown and is trying to figure out how they connect to the coins. 

Everything in this film is really over the top. It's basically a live action comic strip with exaggerated characters. I actually really loved it. My only issue was the sound quality made it difficult to discern a lot of the old timey dialogue.

Bela Lugosi as Fu Wong is pretty good, all things considered, but he played the role too straight and menacing. And he does have one great memorable scene at the very end of the movie to make up for it though. It's just weird seeing all these bright and vibrant characters bouncing around while Fu Wong is just portrayed as a powerful villain. I wish they made more movies with this specific cast, but this was sadly the only film with Fu Wong in it. There was another series starring a completely different Mr. Wong, but he was a detective and not a villain. I also wish they did more with the lore of the coins, but I guess I'll have to seek out the original story for that. 

I may have to seek out this movie and see if there's a remastered version with better sound quality because a lot of the humor comes from the dialogue between characters so I can't help but feel like I've missed a hefty chunk of jokes. 

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