Thursday, October 19, 2017

No Name No Art: "Mugei Mumei no Jitsu" Lesson 1 Instructional DVD

Sometime back I ordered the  first DVD in a set of DVD's from DojoPress called "No Name No Art" Lesson One, from the "Mugei Mumei no Jitsu" series. This DVD is an introduction into the No Name No Art style defense arts, which is connects back to the booklet of the same name. 

Hosted by Ashida Kim, this first lesson gives a general overview of the philosophy that is behind the No Name No Art style, and a lecture on some of the more important points encapsulated within it. The history of  some of the more occult secrets is also shared and broken down in a quick and easy to understand way. The contents of the DVD are a little over half an hour long, so it doesn't feel bogged down with anything unnecessary.

What I really enjoy about this lecture is a lot of the archived footage. There's a segment where Ashida Kim is interviewed in Australia and seen training a group of students. There are also demonstrations of techniques that emphasize the non-violent nature of No Name no Art. 

I'm going to watch this DVD a few more times before purchasing the rest of the series. As a fan of Grandmaster Ashida Kim's work, I really enjoyed this first lesson and how it connected back to the original booklet. I look forward to learning more from this series.  

Oh, and as a bonus, it seems my DVD was autographed by GM Kim. That was a really cool surprise. 

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