Saturday, October 7, 2017

NYCC 2017 Saturday: Look at all the pictures and stuff I got!

So my annual venture to the Grand Lodge of New York Comic Con (Jacob Javits Center) has come and gone. Having spend the day with my Brother in Arms, we furiously spent our hard earned money on a whole mess of things we desperately don't need. We wore our customary fezzes, replicas from the Laurel and Hardy film "Sons of the Desert", sang the opening song, and began shopping. 

I was ghosting the conventions this year, my second year in a row doing so, so I was in the dealers room for less than an hour. I managed to find some amazing things for my collection, which I will go more in depth in maybe tomorrow. 

What I think might be my favorite find was a set called "Heroes of the Kingdom" from 1984 which seems to have been a line of Bible themed toys of the lowest quality. The plastic used is really, really cheap, and the sculpts and designs are really ugly... but somehow I love them. I want the whole set. For the first time ever I really want to find Jesus! 

I also found a mint on card American Maid figure from the old Fox Kids "The Tick" cartoon show, and Freakenstein from "Small Soldiers". He looks very nice on my "Bob" altar next to my Imperial Frankenstein figure. 

I should mention that my Bro also provided some of the better pictures in this update. I was pumped full of caffeine and I zig-zagged my way around the convention trying to find my favorite vendors. So I was in no way paying attention to all of the amazing cosplayers around us. 

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