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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Prepping for a secret project

I'm not entirely sure why I feel so compelled to do this, all I do know is I need some Halloween props to make it look as rad as it does in my mind's eye. 

So I stopped by a local shop near Washington Square Park and the NYU area yesterday called Village Party Store Inc. They have an amazing selection of costumes and props. They're not as big as Halloween Adventure or Party City, but they're just as good in quality. 

I was going to purchase a prop brain that was whole, but the paint on it wasn't what I wanted. Looked a bit rushed. So I found a brand called "Bloody Banquet Butcher Shop". It was only half a brain, but it was a decent mold, and it came packaged like how you would see some meat at the supermarket. For my purposes though I took it out of the packaging (which was pretty difficult). I also purchased a heart prop from the same line.

To be honest I'm not sure how long this project will take, but I'm in no rush. I'll slowly look for supplies and put them together during my downtime. 

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