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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rest easy, sweet Dammett ("9/29/2017" on the Conspiracy Calendar)

So, Dammett, the SubGenius dog and Master to Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei, passed away late last month and the entire SubG community is in mourning. We're all howling at the moon, biting mailmen, and taking massive car-sized dumps on our neighbors front lawns in tribute to this mighty beast who was more man than most human men. The most recent SubGenius Hour of Slack podcast was entirely dedicated to Dammett with snippets of his howling playing at certain intervals. 

As I take my position as a reverend quite seriously, I nominated to canonize (or rather canine-ize) Dammett to sainthood. I even received credit for this holy action on the description of the episode, which was very nice of Rev. Stang to do. And so, we dedicate September 29th to St. Dammett. May he soar high in his saucer and reach Planet X where he can bark, howl, poop, sleep, and probably chase smaller animals to his hearts content.

Losing a buddy is a rough time. Pets are family. I never knew Dammett, but I heard and read so many stories about him that I felt like I knew him. He was a good boy. When Stang broke the news I cried a bit, but I took solace knowing that Dammett lived beyond the years usually allocated to a dog his size. Without question it was the love of Rev. Stang and Princess Wei that kept him going. I know they're currently in a rough spot emotionally but they're taking the steps to bring in another doggo into their Clench.

Rest easy St. Dammett, may we all be so lucky to have been love even half as much as you were during your time on this planet.

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