Friday, October 13, 2017

Rhonda Shear: B-Movie Host, Model, Comedian, CEO, Author

Rhonda Shear was the host of USA Up All Night, which was a block of time on the USA Network where she, and I believe Gilbert Gottfried hosted b-movies. When I was a young I watched Up All Night, not just for the b-movies, but to bask in the beauty of Rhonda Shear. She was and still is a beautiful woman. 

Recently, Rhonda published a book which I believe is an autobiography. What's surprising to me though was when I found out she's now a millionaire who runs a lingerie line! I mean it makes sense, but I would have never guessed a host of Up All Night becoming a CEO millionaire. Life really does take us all on strange trips. 

I'll be picking up this book eventually. I'm really happy the title is "Up All Night"; really shows how working on that show probably helped shape her career. 

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