Thursday, October 5, 2017

"Sister Who Presents" EP423, wherein Sister Who talks about the art of death and dying, and the solace therein...

The latest episode of "Sister Who Presents" is rather beautiful even with the solemn tone. Sister Who discusses death and how we deal with death, and how we can find peace and solace with the loss in our lives. Really heavy stuff but also rather invigorating. Sister Who is really good at presenting her thoughts on this topic and it doesn't feel rehearsed in anyway, but it does feel really thought out. She mentions a dog who has passed away and it feels like it happened rather recently so this topic was probably on her mind in an intense way for quite a while. 

I really appreciated hearing all of this. I suffered a great number of losses this year, as did the people around me, and Sister Who was able to articulate how I've been feeling about death and loss in a way I don't think I could even begin to conceptualize. 

Death can be sad but also beautiful. We can find solace and peace even in the worse of times.

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