Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Stretch Armstrong is back for a terribly designed new cartoon

Well the designs for the characters is alright I guess, but their costumes are just hideous. I really dislike everything about their aesthetics. I'm not going to complain too much though, since this probably means we'll be getting a bunch new Stretch Armstrong toys as a result. I've even heard they're releasing a lot of the original toys as part of a anniversary celebration.

The original Stretch was just a square-jawed hero type. He looks like a classic movie hero scientist. He just needs a lab coat and a pipe. 

Stretch Monster is often associated with Stretch Armstrong. I have a feeling he might even be the villain in the new cartoon.

I grew up with this Stretch Armstrong. The giant smile and cartoon like features make him a lot more dopey looking than the original Stretch. The 90's Stretch looks like a well meaning idiot. 

Vac-Man was the coolest. Unlike the other corn syrup powered stretch toys, Vac-Man's bean and vacuum powered abilities allowed gave him the distinct ability to hold a pose and stretch. A friend of mine had this toy and it drove me mad because I wanted one too. 

And there were all kinds of Stretch Armstrong accessories, vehicles, and even a dog named Fetch. I remember having a normal Stretch Armstrong, and a little one that was dressed like a ninja. It even came with weapons it couldn't hold at all. 

God I hope they re-release Vac-Man again. 

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