Monday, October 2, 2017

The Dick Tracy Show: Nick the Beatnik

Today was a particularly difficult day. I'm utterly worn out and I just want to sleep for the rest of the week. I wish I could live the carefree life I've always dreamed of. I have a strong adoration for the Beat Generation. I grew up in the Lower East Side/Greenwich Village in NYC so I was very young when I was exposed to all of the artists, protesters, hippies, yippies, and poets who still stuck around during the late-80's and 90's. There were still specific places you could go for that old Beatnik feeling; dive bars, coffee shops, bookstore cafe's, etc. The reason I have a goatee is because I thought Beatniks who had them looked cool. I don't think I could grow a beard like Ginsberg, but I think my goatee is pretty formidable. 

I'm talking about all of this because I was watching "The Dick Tracy Show" earlier today during my lunch break. I'm a big fan of this old cartoon; I watched it when it was back on Fox Kids lineup of cartoon when the "Dick Tracy" movie was in theaters. Anyway, during one of the Heap O'Calorie cartoons I was reintroduced to his informant, Nick the Beatnik. 

Nick is a cool character. He doesn't speak; he communicates by playing his bongos, and he runs a small business selling "X-presso". He looks a little surly, but he has this giant Cheshire Cat grin that appears when he's done communicating. 

He might be one of my all time favorite cartoon characters.

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