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Friday, October 6, 2017

The Mythic Jesus: Bunny and Reverend Steve talk about the weird history of the prophet and whether he existed at all...

Bunny and Reverend Steve of the famed and wonderful The Pope on Film podcast talked about Jesus in this snippet of dialogue from one of their recent discussion. I say snippet, but it's nearly 40 minutes long and they talk about a rather difficult and serious topic, but as usually they do so with ease and make it entertaining. 

The topic was about Bunny's research into what's known as the "mythic" Jesus, which is a field of study that researches whether or not Jesus Christ of Nazareth ever even existed. It's really interesting, and I've only read a little bit on the subject myself. Normally the discussions on this topic are far too cynical for me to really find interesting, but what I like here is how Bunny refers to one of his favorite historians and researchers on this topic and the focus on corroborating evidence. 

Although Jesus' adventures are pretty well documented in the New Testament, why are there no other articles, letters, or provable artifacts of his existence? The Vatican claims all sorts of trinkets are related to Jesus, but do those items prove his existence? It's a supremely interesting topic. A great number of prophets can be traced, but it is interesting how some prophets cannot because the historical data just isn't there. Can a religion truly be holy if it's based merely on a myth? I believe so to a degree, but you should never be forced to pay a tithing for one. 

Another great aspect to this lengthy but interesting lesson was I got another shout out! That was a wonderful surprise. I really like how Reverend Steve pronouncing my name as "Ghoul-Yairmo"; sounds like the name of a horror movie host!

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