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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The One-Winged Fly

There were strange omens all around me today. I woke up at the time I was supposed to be on the bus and on my way to school and while running to the bus stop I openly asked the universe for a sign that things would get better. Immediately after asking I saw a dead squirrel that looked like it was killed by some larger animal. 

Needless to say, it was a difficult day. 

My classes were ominous and forewarned of difficult exams that were coming up, including various midterm papers that would be due, and I also forgot my lunch so I spent most of the afternoon hungry and in a daze, even partially dehydrated.

After receiving a bit of nourishment from some overly sugared coffee I sat under a tree and enjoyed the weather. It was warm but there was a nice cold breeze. At my feet I noticed a strange little bug that was hopping about. I thought maybe it was some sort of tick or beetle but then I noticed it was just a fly, but it moved in strange ways. I peeked closer and noticed it only had one wing. How sad! A fly that cannot fly; nature is a cruel thing. 

The more I thought about it the more I began to wonder about this fly. Did it always just have but one wing? Did it lose its wing in some sort of battle? How did it survive to become this size without being able to act as a fly would normally? What sort of existence did this poor pitiful creature live until it buzzed around me. 

I followed it for a bit, my curiosity overtook me and I decided to try and take some photos of it. After a few moments of pondering the existence of the fly I began to ponder my own. Could this fly be braver, more courageous, and even strong than myself? I mean, it would have to be,wouldn't it? It exists in the realm of pure nature, whereas I live in a society chained together in a bubble with the bonds of social contracts. 

Could this small one-winged fly have been a Buddha? The Lotus Sutra says it could be so. Maybe this fly was an angel? Truly, it spoke to me with some heavenly prose and has inspired me in some strange way.  Maybe this fly was just some some sort of Short-Duration-Personal-Savior (ShorDurPerSav) showing itself to me so that I may become obsessed with it? Could this fly have be a very minuet and small deity or god from some realm where it reigns with a single but powerful iron-wing?!

 I think the answer to this is yes to all of the above. This small fly is possibly a better survivor than I would ever hope to be, but it also taught me a great deal about struggle and suffering. So deeply did this fly affect my thoughts that I could barely concentrate during class.

I have to learn to be as strong as a one-wing-fly. All of a sudden, now that I think about it all, I guess my day wasn't all that bad. 

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