Friday, October 13, 2017

The wisdom of "Bob" and using my financial aid money irresponsibly

So after I realized I had a bit of extra scratch left over for my schooling I realized I didn't have to horde it away like some sort of miser (for once) and I could actually treat myself to a little something. I decided to order a few books (and a pin) from the SubGenius Foundation to add to my collection. I ordered a newer copy of "The Book of the SubGenius", "Neighborworld", and a new "Bob" enamel pin. 

This is actually my second copy of "The Book of the SubGenius". I believe this copy, with the Dobbshead centered amongst some clouds, is the second edition from 1987. I actually bought the first edition from Strands Bookstore in NYC, alongside "Revelation X". Quite the find really since it's apparently rather rare to find either book in the wild these days. Rev. Ivan Stand was nice enough to autograph both books for me, and "Lonesome Cowboy" Dave Deluca autographed my copy of "Neighborworld". 

I purchased "Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob"" and "The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack: The Bobliographon, New Revelations from J.R. "Bob" Dobbs" both from Amazon earlier this year. 

Below are the "Jonesboro's House of Eris' Science and Fnord Committee presents the Affordable House Official Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger, Principia Discordia" (alternatively know as the "Principia Discordia") and "Wake Up Down There!" (which features several articles by Rev. Stang). The "Principia Discordia" was purchased on Amazon for a very small fee if I'm not mistaken, and I found "Wake Up Down There!" at my local used bookstore for $1.

I managed to snag a copy of "High Weirdness By Mail" on Amazon for a reasonable price. I had a difficult time finding any info on this before though prior to purchasing it. I was happy it was just as quirky as Rev. Stang's previous books. Considering the subject matter I thought it'd be a bit more academic, which to a degree it is, but it's like a testament to the weirdness that existed in the late 1980's that still persists to this day.

The books below aren't SubG related really, but I think they fit in rather well if you know and understand the "mythos" within the texts above. Besides, better safe than sorry, right?

As a final note, I've added my Dobbshead pin to the smelly old hat I'm always wearing.

If you'd like to buy any of the Official SubGenius merch you see above, check out the official store Bulldada Time Control Laboratories and see if they have what you want still in stock!

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