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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tulpamancy and the power of your ethereal imaginary friends

Now I'll be painting with broad strokes here as this is a new concept to me, but I'm too excited about it not to talk about it today. Tulpa are, as far as I know, a Tibetan Buddhist concept where you either create within your mind or make a connection with your mind some subversive or metaphysical being or entity through meditation. This concept was apparently appropriated by creative internet users who use it to create or decipher abstract concepts in their own thoughts into living sentient characters that inhabit their mind. These new Tulpa believers aren't necessarily Buddhists or even spiritual as far as I know, but they do believe that they can create Tulpa within their own minds.

And this subculture of Tulpa believers goes even further than my very broad understanding of it, and I can't even say I'm sure I'm correct. I'm sure I'm missing some subtle understanding of this. And I should point out that this is different from "other-kin"; with other-kin, the person is identifying themselves as something else other than who they are (animal, fictional character, etc.), with Tulpa the person is saying there is a separate entity within their mind that has it's own sentience. 

I find this sort of thing really fascinating and I want to know more about it. The regeneration of old spiritual culture into modern digital culture isn't anything new either, but how this could help people who have a Dissociative Identity Disorder, or some similar mental abnormality, cope or even possibly control their consciousnesses better could be a fascinating study. I also wonder how this could help with the creative minds in artists; various painters and philosophers have talked about seeking guidance from within or some unseen and unknowable power, so maybe this sort of concept is close to understanding that mindset. 

As you can tell I'm really excited about this new subculture. Below are some 

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