Saturday, November 11, 2017

A day of balance?

So mystics and would-be mystics everywhere are celebrating today as it is November 11th, or, 11/11. This is important from what I understand because of the old sleeping prophet himself, Edgar Cayce, who talked about the number quite often. In essence, it just symbolizes is internal balance, and also, things falling into place in a fair and balanced way. But people take it too far, as usual. 

Some folks hypothesize all sorts of weird concepts around 11/11, or 1/1, or any sort of repeating number patterns. They say that whenever you see that sort of pattern, that's the universe trying to tell you to seek balance, or that angels are around you, etc. 

Numerology, if this can be considered numerology, was always my least liked forms of occult studies. You'd think something that deals with mathematics would be a lot more precise with it's results, but people often put too much of themselves and their imaginations into their calculations and come up with all sorts of answers (usually the answer they want to hear, at least that's been my experience). Below is my favorite recent example of sort of thing.

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